Elegance and comfort, quality and Italian style in one word: AMA PURE, Made in Italy fashion.
  Ama pure cashmere slippers  With AMA PURE it was love at first sight.  There was something magical about her that I had never seen before, something that I was always looking for and never could find.
    Each piece in the collection reminds me of brave explorers flying over the vast oceans, or divas of the 1940s drinking gracefully from the Great Gasby.  I see them on legendary women who regularly play chess or slide across the floor as they descend the stairs of magnificent palaces.
   AMA PURE is handmade natural cashmere with a unique pattern by Luciana Fazio, inspired by the beauty of Italy.
   AMA PURE is a line born of love for beauty, art and painting.  A new concept that combines fashion, poetry, kindness and style.  Way to be more than fashion.
    With this new brand, dexterity returns to the center: a human value that is born in the heart and embodied in soft, oscillating forms that illuminate the figure and transport it into a universe of light.
    Elegance is a virtue and cannot be bought, but it can bring us closer if we only acknowledge it.
    "A return to taste and simplicity: some examples that let fabrics, details and colors speak for themselves."
    Founder Lucian Fazio.  Today, his son Gian Marco Tavani continues his father's tradition as Director of Development.
   AMA PURE natural hand-knitted cashmere using the latest technology.Limited edition to discover fashion made from quality
    Gian Marco Tavani, the creative soul of AMA PURE, loves timeless elegance, far from the madness of mass production.  Each piece is made with high quality finishes, details, fine materials and, above all, with respect for the environment.  Authentic Italian style that I love.
    Each product envelops the body with hugs, rustles, pure lightness, which stands out from everything and everyone.
   AMA PURE, timeless elegance and style 
    A niche product that emphasizes the qualities of natural fabrics, silk, cashmere, wool, made from high quality yarns such as fine cashmere and waitaki.  All materials used come from certified companies and Italian wool mills specialized in fine yarns such as Cariaggi, Lora and esta.
    Delicate products with an unusually beautiful print stand out against the backdrop of delicate shades and immerse you in the illusion of a fairy tale, where art and fashion meet and communicate with each other without prejudice.
    “Scarves that transform, play with double faces and inspire to live.  New carefully crafted combinations that are worn by inspiration!
   AMA PURE is a versatile line that can be worn every day and combined with any item in the wardrobe.
    Versatility is one of the most important characteristics of the AMA PURE brand.
These are accessories that can be worn barefoot on the beach or high heels for a gala evening like a chameleon, depending on the mood and context.  These are sophisticated garments that do not mask individuality, but express it from the best side.
    Luciana Fazio wanted to pay homage to the divine Amenirdis, the wife of Amun, whose name means "beauty that comes from the light", by creating exclusive handmade pieces.