Fashion scandal: fakes have been discovered even in the metaverse!       

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        Everyone knows that a genuine Birkin bag costs several thousand dollars and takes more than a year to arrive. However, many people want to purchase limited edition Hermes handbags because they are a good investment because they only get more expensive over time. Birkin virtual handbags first appeared in November of
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last year and quickly became extremely popular.  However, it was discovered that the MetaBirkins NFTs digital versions of Hermes' iconic handbag were forgeries, as they were created without the fashion house's permission. Mason Rothschild, a digital artist, created the project.  He collaborated with artist Eric Romires to create his first NFT bag in May 2021. It turned out that there are a lot of people who want to buy an ultra-fashionable accessory that cannot even be touched. And it became a fashion sensation. The bags ranged in price from $6 to $47,000. Mason Rothschild made over a million dollars while creating only one hundred MetaBirkins NFTs of various designs. His collection was highlighted by fluffy handbags and bags with prints of famous works of art.They sold out quickly because they didn't have to wait years, unlike true cult bags. Hermès sent the artist a letter demanding that he stop selling bags without the fashion house's permission. Mason claimed that his NFTs were immune from Hermès' First Amendment trademark infringement claims, and he urged the fashion house to back the artists. To avoid problems, the NFT selling platform, OpenSea, has already removed MetaBirkins from the site. A genuine Hermès Birkin handbag costs $ 12,000 and must be ordered several years in advance. Of course, those who regularly shop in a fashion house's boutiques, as well as celebrities, are exempt. According to Knight Frank economists, the iconic Birkin, which was created in 1984 for actress Jane Birkin, is still a good investment. Bag prices have risen by 13% in 2019, and by 108 % in the last ten years. The fact that they are hunted attests to their worth. More recently, thieves robbed a store containing a rare collection of Hermès and Chanel accessories amassed over 30 years and stole 13 rare Hermès bags worth approximately $1 million. The most expensive bags were the green crocodile leather Kelly bag, which cost $89,900, and the Vert Bosphore Birkin, which cost $110,000. Hermès stores have recently protested the use of crocodile skin, and British actress and singer Jane Birkin has banned her name from bag names after 30 years of collaboration with the Hermès brand. For fashionistas all over the world, the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, in which Jane is involved and named after her, is iconic.