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      In 1973 Santino Pincin and Giovanni Torresan founded T.P. Sport for the production of mountain and work footwear. Their quest for success, their competence and professionalism made the company grow until the turning point in 1985, when Monte Sport was founded. In 2011, the management of Monte Sport was taken over by the five daughters of the founders, with the aim of adapting the company to current market trends and introducing new ideas, products and communication methods.

      The collection with the Monte Sport brand was born in 2018 as a commitment to the identity of the five young women. With a strong desire to bring his own personality to the ten-year legacy of the company founded by the fathers. On the one hand, a contemporary and refined design, on the other, an invaluable footwear expertise, this is what unites Monte Sport. All the culture of rigorous craftsmanship Made in Italy and a boundless love for the mountains and nature. The richness of a long footwear tradition combines with the curiosity and eclecticism of a sophisticated esthetic research.