SILENZIO captures the essence of understated luxury. With a focus on muted tones and refined designs, this brand offers a collection of clothing and accessories that speak volumes through their quiet elegance.

      In 1992, after gaining significant experience at Gaby Tricot, Simona and Lara Fontana serendipitously set up their own small handicraft business, Maglieria Sorelle Fontana. A testament to their relentless dedication and rare hands-on knitting skills, the company spearheaded countless projects and collaborated with renowned brands, gaining a wealth of insight and expertise within the industry.

      After years of dedication and hard work, the sisters felt an urge in 2016 to bring a fresh angle to their thriving universe. This led to the birth of the Silenzio brand, an elegant yet audacious line of fashion that celebrates the femininity inherent in every woman. As forward thinkers and trendsetters they wanted to introduce to the market a form of attire that enables women to showcase harmonious femininity and unique elegance amidst the chaos of modern times.

      In an era where fast fashion is often the norm, the Silenzio brand advocates for a return to a slower, more mindful approach to fashion. The team firmly believes in the renaissance of the eternal charm and sophistication embodied by Italian craftsmanship. The excellence and distinctiveness of the Silenzio brand lies in its time-honored tradition of Made in Italy, where every aspect, from the selection of yarns to accessories and the creation of collections, is meticulously attended to.

      Emphasizing on their main product line - knitwear, Silenzio redefines the sophistication of the classic knitting technique by amalgamating it with avant-garde fashion trends. The brand stands out by its advanced knitting technology, premium materials, and creative designs that put an elegant twist on traditional knitwear. This harmonious blend of tradition and modernism not only compliments the wearer but also enhances their innate elegance and individuality.

      Therefore, the essence of the Silenzio brand is more than about offering simple clothing. It is about celebrating the beauty and elegance that every woman holds within, and providing the means to express these qualities through the timeless art of Italian knitwear.

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