15 inspiring stories of successful women from the world of fashion and beauty

1. Gabrielle Boner Chanel, Chanel
As soon as she turned 18, the orphaned Coco went to work as a saleswoman in a clothing store, and in the evenings she sang in a cabaret, where she received her nickname Coco. While helping her husband in running the business, Gabrielle learned a lot and later opened her own atelier shop, where she sold ladies' hats.An extraordinary look at things, bold decisions, the search for inspiration in men's fashion, the balance of simplicity and luxury have made her name a symbol of impeccable style.
2. Jeanne Lanvin
The fashion house began its career in 1890 with the development and tailoring of fashionable clothes for young mothers and their little daughters. Jeanne Lanvin, a fashion designer, found inspiration in her own daughter, as well as in French folk costumes and works of art.But fashion is fickle, and after Jeanne's death in 1946, the fashion house was on the verge of extinction, but it regained its former power and significance in the modern fashion industry in 2001.
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3. Donna Karan, Donna Karan and DKNY
Many people are familiar with the "seven things" concept. Its essence is that a woman's wardrobe can only contain seven perfectly combined items that will help her look unique every day. However, few people are aware that this concept was created by American fashion designer Donna Karan.Her story began with a miniature studio in her own living room, which grew into an international brand worth $ 600 million. And although Donna left the post of director of the company, she remains its lead designer.The fashion designer has never pursued luxury, instead designing fashionable clothes, accessories, and cosmetics for the general public.
4. Maria "Nina" Richie, Nina Ricci
Nina Ritchie began her career as a dressmaker in small ateliers, then in large fashion houses, until, in 1932, she founded her own brand with her son Robert, which is now considered legendary.Nina designed and sewed clothing, and her son handled the finances. Nina's style has always been defined by refinement, tenderness, and a strong sense of femininity. Robert launched a perfume line in 1941 and quickly established himself as a talented perfumer, creating the brand's most recognizable fragrances.
5. Carolina Herrera, Carolina Herrera
She started out as a fashion journalist, but her "exceptional personal style" did not go unnoticed. Her first clothing collection debuted in the 1980s, and her meteoric rise has continued to this day.Carolina Herrera now owns a multimillion-dollar company that distributes its products in 104 countries around the world, and she is also known as the designer of the first ladies of the United States, having dressed Jacqueline Onassis, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, and Melania Trump.
6. Bobby Brown, Bobbi Brown
In 1980, after graduating from college, Bobbie Brown moved to New York to work as a makeup artist. Her restrained natural style was radically different from the then popular bright shades, so in 1991 the makeup artist, in collaboration with chemists, developed her own collection of 10 lipsticks on a beige base.She expected to sell 100 copies a month, but they sold out in one day. This is how the story of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics began, with a monthly turnover of over $ 1 billion in 2016.Today Bobby Brown works as a fashion editor, publishes books, promotes the idea of natural decorative cosmetics, and leads an active social and political life.
7.Chaya Rubinstein, Helena Rubinstein
Haya fled from her own family from Poland to Australia to her uncle, having abandoned a marriage of convenience and a career as a doctor that did not interest her at all.The Australian women immediately noticed the girl's excellent skin condition, and she decided that her mother's homemade creams, to which she had grown accustomed since childhood, would become the foundation of her own business.Taking the name Helen, the girl soon returned to Europe, where she opened the world's first beauty salon, performing procedures borrowed from all over the world. Another milestone in the brand's history occurred during Helen's lifetime: the introduction of a hormone-based anti-aging cream.
8. Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay When her husband was sent to the front during WWII, Mary Kay Ash was left with three children and forced to go from house to house trying to sell books.Their marriage fell apart after her husband returned, and the woman began to look for ways to earn money. Mary Kay opened the company's office in 1963, having invested all of her meager savings in the future venture.The original concept of her business immediately drew women who were eager to realize their own potential and start their own businesses. Mary Kay is now the largest network marketing company in the world.
9. Sara Blakely, Spanx
Working as a fax saleswoman, Sarah had to wear tight-fitting tights every day, which annoyed the girl, so she simply cut them off, leaving something like pantaloons. At that moment it dawned on her.The girl toured the offices of almost all manufacturers of shaping underwear, proposing her project, but the male owners simply could not understand why women needed it.Only one of the manufacturers agreed with Sarah's idea and provided funding for her project. Sara Blakely, the owner of the Spanx slimming apparel brand, is now the world's youngest billionaire.
10. Vera Wang, Vera Wang
When it came to selecting a wedding gown for her own ceremony, Vera Wong discovered that none of them are unique, and on the most important day of her life, she risks looking like every other bride in the world. Her hand-sewn bridal gown drew so much attention that she quickly received a flood of orders.Today, she is known as the "Queen of Wedding Dresses," and every second girl, including many celebrities, fantasizes about marrying in a Vera Wang gown.
11. Doris Fisher, The Gap
In 1969, Doris and her husband opened their tiny denim store, but after just three years of success, their chain had 25 stores in California and continued to grow.The company launched its own clothing line, The Gap, in 1974, which is now worth billions of dollars. Doris was named one of the world's most powerful women by Forbes magazine.She now collects art, speaks, and does charity work.
Florence Nightingale Graham, Elizabeth Arden
Better known as Elizabeth Arden, the girl worked as an accountant in one of the pharmaceutical companies for a while, where she became interested in skin care products.The Elizabeth Arden brand's success is based on a scientific approach to cosmetics production, as well as Elizabeth's desire to share her knowledge with women.Opening a network of beauty salons did not seem to be enough for her, so she decided to organize seminars, teaching women about cosmetic makeup and the importance of matching the colors of decorative products to their age and skin tone.
13. Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder
An uncle, a chemist who developed women's cosmetics, instilled in the owner of the future multimillion-dollar brand and one of the twentieth century's most influential women a love for the beauty industry.Being extremely entrepreneurial, Este took up the sale with excitement, and she did well. In 1946, with the support of her husband, the woman opened her own production of cosmetics, which instantly became popular in the United States.Today, the company also owns well-known brands such as Tom Ford, Clinique, Darphin, and Jo Malone London.
14. Anita Roddick, The Body Shop
At the start of her professional career, Anita worked as an English teacher at school until she married the traveler Gordon Roddick, who inspired her to start her own business. Developing home cosmetics for herself and her daughters became the foundation for Anita's future business.With no funds to invest, she relied solely on creativity, implementing in her products the traditions of beauty seen in other countries while traveling. Today, her brand has 2,600 stores worldwide that sell natural cosmetics in recyclable eco-friendly packaging.
15. Vivienne Sabo, Vivienne Sabo
Perhaps the most unusual story on our list, because Vivienne Szabo did not discover a brand bearing her own name and had no idea it could happen. Employees of a certain corporation known as "Gradient" paid an auction price for a diary written by a Frenchwoman named Vivien Szabo.The manuscript told the story of Vivienne and Louis, who were brought together by their love of chemistry. Vivienne also kept a diary in which she recorded the recipes for cosmetics that she and Louis planned to make.However, because of the Second World War, which took Louis' life, their plans were doomed to fail until in 2006, when "Gradient" refused to embrace the crazy idea of bringing their records to life.