5 main trends of London Fashion Week: bonnets, stockings, and chocolate suits

After New York, the relay arrived in London: the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Week concluded here yesterday - 5 busy days of shows and presentations of 131 brands' collections, we have countless ideas for this cold season. Let us try to pick the brightest ones and take notes for the future.
Boots with pants      
miniskirt and bootsCowboy Cossacks taught us that wearing pants tucked into boots is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. This is another hello from the zero eras, but not only: skinny and over-the-knee boots are associated with the zero, and the class of trousers tucked into high boots with the highest tops is a tribute to the fashion of the turn of the 1970s-1980s from France "Boom." This technique is being revisited today for Danish fashionistas. A street trend can never make its way onto the catwalk or the red carpet, but Copenhagen street style is rarely received well. London catwalks use a life hack and classify us, allowing us to wear any type of pants, whether cargo, bananas, or pipes.
 Suit in brown
 Black is the foundation, but the London runways have never been afraid to rebel and undermine the foundations, so skin tone - chestnut, bistre, and dark chocolate - matters. Brown has replaced black as the new black. Contrary to its reputation as the "worst-selling color," brown is just as versatile as black, but much softer and more sensual: brown silk dresses flow well, and textured knitwear instantly adds a vintage touch. But the collection's main focus was on brown suits with wool, leather, suede, and even velveteen trousers and skirts for each of the autumn days.         
  Hosiery Department
  Returning to the wave of the new zero in London will not work: the weather conditions are not presented to the mini. However, ideas were found here: short shorts, microskirts and the beginning of the dress in the London fall-winter 2022/2023 collections to the implementation of stockings and knee-highs - so in autumn accessories, the course is for universal comfort that filled the wardrobe with knitted tops, dresses, trousers and suits. Today, all knitted stockings and stockings are friends with massive overall shoes - shoes and ankle boots with stable heels, and also become a field for virtuoso decorative experiments with embroidery and appliqué.
  The exit of the bride             
The traditional bridesmaid's day off is required at couture shows, but Haute Couture Week is held instockings Paris rather than London. Isn't that unfair? I'd still do it! The British have something to offer brides as well, as evidenced by the appearance of the bride in white at the February shows: an A-line mini with feathers, floor-length draperies with a long veil or a lace cloud. I put off clothes until the fall for at least three important reasons - in the end, I conceived at the altar the cherished dress in my dreams is worth a lot.
Capsules and capsules           
Warm, cozy, and incredibly touching girls' bonnets, in the same way that black and white kindergarten photos of padded ski balaclavas burst into fashion alongside the ski dress and discovered: there is something much better than boring beanie hats. The self-finishing of Miu Miu cashmere bonnets in soft, muted shades drew a lot of attention at the most recent fall-winter show. Since then, they've appeared in the collections of every second luxury and young niche brand as a continuation of the trend for naive fashion, such as braided beaded necklaces and bright hairpins, but we still don't have enough, so we're expecting to see a lot of new variations on the London catwalks - fur, leather, and even sequins.