A floor-length coat as one of the main trends of this fall season

long coat
Aside from our favorite jackets, trousers, and jeans, what do we prefer to wear in the autumn? Of course, a cozy coat, and one of the main trends this season is a floor-length coat. It's impossible to imagine your wardrobe without a coat because it emphasizes femininity, complements any outfit, and elevates your look. And if you wear a coat with simple shoes or boots with heels, your look becomes trendy. Roisi Haptington-Whiteley is a fan of wearing a floor-length coat with sandals, boots, and boots. Plush oversized coats are trendy this fall, paired with sneakers or batilyon on a flat run, and this is a great option for every day.The faux fur should be as bright as possible, and pink, lavender, yellow, or red will look great. Prints of all kinds, both on clothing and on shoes, are once again in vogue. Tartan checks and leopard prints are back in style, and if you look closely at the latest collections from No.21, Gucci, and Saint Laurent, you will notice a plethora of "predatory prints. "Stunning coats with tiger stripes or snake scale patterns look best when paired with monochromatic basics in the same color. But, without a doubt, the most recognizable and stylish item this season is the black leather coat in the Trinity style, which, despite its epatage, has already become a basic item and has become a strong competitor to the leopard print. Straight cut, with or without a belt, fitted, glossy or matte, a leather coat will undoubtedly add boldness and confidence to your look, and the floor length will add slimness and confidence. Your look will be stylish and memorable when combined with the neon dimmer's bright accessories.