Armani Exchange - new stores and an entirely new image for the 30th Anniversary

Armani Exchange
Armani Exchange celebrated its 30th anniversary by opening new stores with an updated concept that creates an entirely new brand image. Straight lines, a combination of wood and metal in the interior, and a lot of light are the designers of the Armani Exchange stores. However, in the new concept, functionality is combined with modern design and high-quality finishes, and the entire space is comfort with functionality and perfect style.Despite the changes, the spirit of Armani Exchange has remained consistent since the brand's inception. The Armani Exchange Fall / Winter 2021/2022 collection celebrates the brand's 30th anniversary, which began in 1991 with a memorable nut and bolt image. From 1991 to 2021, the main principle of Armani Exchange, the foundation of the structure and connection of different elements, the creation of local products that are combined with each other, did not lose their spontaneity, but they did begin to use environmentally friendly materials over time.Giorgio Armani created A | X in 1991, inspired by street romance, and it was characterized by simplicity of clothing at an affordable price for young and energetic people. Armani Exchange is now a graphic collection for men and women, symbolizing the transfer of energy from the past to the present. The color scheme is very simple, consisting of white, black, and gray. The key prints, of course, are the nut and bolt image from 1991, as well as the brand's founding year logo. The revitalized and legendary Armani Exchange delights us once more with its distinct style.