Bags are making a comeback in the fashion race after the pandemic

bag in a storefront
Bags, by all accounts, have deservedly remained at the back of our closets throughout 2020. Due to the pandemic, there was no need for this item because no one needed a bag to move around the apartment. Fortunately, with a slew of new fashion trends in the field of bags, this essential accessory is making a comeback in the fashion race. Naturally, in the post-pandemic era, the demand for handicrafts has skyrocketed, and today, the trend for a unique weaving technique has gained enormous popularity, which is reflected in a wide range of accessories.It's time to add a lot of color to your wardrobe, and they decided to decorate crossbody, buckets, and clutches with very relevant crochet knitting in the brightest colors and shades. As a result, crochet bags have become one of the most memorable additions to the summer wardrobe of 2021.Practical and versatile clutch bags, which have been around for a long time, are back in the new collections of Bogetta Veneta and Fendi, and Anna Sui has adorned her entire collection, from dresses to sandals, with this unique technique. Designers advise not to overcomplicate things and
chain handle crossbody
to choose clothes with clean lines and a simple cut made of linen or cotton.Nostalgia, at the sight of these miniature bags, is a lifesaver, transporting us to a carefree childhood and immersing us in serenity. Bright bag models, such as those by the British brand Colville, have become increasingly popular when paired with catchy and expressive patchwork shoes and an asymmetrical mid-skirt.This season is all about sophistication and individuality. Plush bags, such as those found in the Miu Miu, Prada, and Chloe collections, tote bags in brown and black classic colors, such as those found in Hermes and Fendi, and Valentino bags with a chain handle, have already risen to the top of the ratings.Mini bags from Gucci and Max Mara, as well as seductive and petite bags from Louis Vuitton, will all be around until the end of Fall / Winter 2021/2022.