Caftan - an eye-catching piece of clothing throughout the season

Bright caftans, like sandals, herald the arrival of summer and are worn as eye-catching clothing throughout the season. As a result, it will come as a surprise to everyone to learn that they were originally designed for battles, and in ancient Mesopotamia, soldiers wore caftans under heavy chain mail, and they were made of very durable fabric and did not fit at all as pool clothes.Today, almost nothing has changed, and caftans have become the norm in the daily lives of ordinary people and celebrities all over the world, with only zippers and other accessories to differentiate them.Loose, long-sleeved caftans are commonplace in North Africa and the Middle East, and Westerners became fascinated with the culture after seeing the first photographs of European travelers in the 18th and 19th centuries.In 1963, Elizabeth Taylor played the Egyptian Queen in the film "Cleopatra," and she was dressed in a variety of luxurious caftans . Immediately following the release of the film on the big screen, contemporary fashionistas became enamored with the bright and comfortable clothing.Celebrities such as Princess Gracie and Lee Raddivil were photographed in caftans, and designers such as If San Lauren, Emilio Pucci, and others began to incorporate them into their collections.Even early sitters admired the East in their work, and cultural critic Edward Soid defines Orientalism as the process by which all Western art and literature transformed the East into something unique and unforgettable. The caftan is no longer considered exotic and has become an essential part of the modern human's wardrobe. Andre Leon Tully, a fashion journalist, stated that he enjoys wearing caftans at any time of day because they are comfortable. The fact that Hillary Clinton recently posted a photo of herself in a caftan on her Instagram page is by far the clearest proof that caftans are recognized. The caftan has unquestionably become a global classic.