Check out the men's departments for the perfect summer shirt

men's shirtGirls have long been fascinated by men's fashion collections. Shirts deserve special attention in them, as they should fit perfectly on a woman's body regardless of the cut. This is yet another convincing proof that genders are completely unnecessary in today's fashion.Few people realize that Dries Van Noten began his career as a men's fashion designer, creating beautifully tailored suits and shirts before expanding his collections to include female sizes.He still sews coats and T-shirts from men's patterns, and in many ways, his silhouettes are what keep him popular among fashionistas. If you can find a "men's" shirt in the great Belgian's women's collections, then you should just go to the next department.
A men's shirt can be worn tucked in or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned. Another benefit of men's collection shirts is the variety of patterns and other decorations. With a Fendi shirt, you'll always feel on the bright side of things because the print creates the illusion of a falling shadow.A white Valentino with macrame embroidery can even be worn as a dress if paired with a light-colored satin midi skirt. The shirts from the Jacquemus men's collection have been popular for several seasons; this year, our favorite is the short-sleeved model, which is embellished with beaded "earrings" and is also appropriate for special occasions.