So the fateful moment of choosing New Year's gifts has come.

  It has been a difficult and challenging year to think about the celebrations, but precisely because it has been such a challenging year, we absolutely must prioritize gifts and purchases from craft shops and nearby shops.

Here is a list of Made in Italy gift ideas for Christmas 2023 with a 10% discount code on all Artisan Handmade products.

italian men's suit

  If you dream of buying real Italian for yourself or as a gift, then you can easily do it on our website, where some of the best Italian brands known for their style and quality are collected.  This gives you the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts online, without wasting time looking for them.
  Most of the gifts are dedicated to women, some to men (you never know what to give), and some ideas are universal and will suit everyone without exception.

  Christmas Gifts 2023: Made in Italy like you haven't seen it yet

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  Christmas gifts for him: a handmade wallet from BIAGINI, Made of ostrich leather, it will neatly place all your cards and mini-souvenirs.
  Perfect for him, but tasty for her too.
  Men are true wardrobe lovers.  Giving them a PASOTTI umbrella with a custom design or initials is a gift that will impress anyone.  These handmade pieces emphasize the status and do not lose relevance over time.  We can ship directly to you and they will arrive in prestige packaging.

  Enter the code HAPPY23 and you will receive a 10% discount on all HANDMADE IN ITALY products until January 10, 2023.

  I'm talking for him, but for friends it's a great gift.  BIAGINI also introduced this year a line of bags and backpacks in smooth calfskin, as well as belts in ostrich leather.
Boldrini Selleria bag  Christmas Gifts for Her: The Bag That Wasn't  For many of us women, life begins early in the morning and returns in the evening.  There are those who ride the train, there is a car, there are those who ride a bicycle or scooter.
 In Tuscany, in 1955, Scandiano Boldrini created a bag that has already become an icon of quality and beauty, certified leather and accessories worthy of Hermes: BOLDRINI SELLERIA with a unique artisan seal.  You can find these bags with us!  Look in the store!
  A bag that was destined to become very famous, in a luxurious package.  Also pay attention to another masterpiece: GHIBLI bags, created as a work of art by the Florentine master Pelletteria Ghibli.  The best gift for her! Christmas present: scarves and silk underwear.Iconic yet simply sophisticated, a symbol of timeless elegance, the scarf is a feminine accessory par excellence 
  See how many ways you can use and be sure that these AMA PURE accessories created by Lusiana Fazio are special, they speak of our traditions, our soul places and our strength.  Look at the collection, it's amazing.
  BARBIERI, with luxurious silk scarves, will not leave you indifferent.

  Christmas gifts: cashmere panchos and scarves

  A passion for cashmere gives birth to projects, a passion for CURLING COLLECTION.  Look in the store!
  The CABAN collection deserves special attention, with exquisite alpaca coats and high-quality natural wool for a truly super gift!

  Christmas present: loungewear

  What woman doesn't love a soft, homely and chic lounge?  This is MONTE SPORT and this is a combination of luxury and home comfort at the same time.  To see for yourself, do not miss and take a close look at this stylish masterpiece, made in Italy.
  What I am describing to you here is more than gifts, it is love, passion, respect, awe and perfect style!Christmas is coming soon and I wish you to plunge into the world of beauty, into the world of Italian style and believe me, you will like it!