Dolce & Gabbana has begun to collaborate with Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia

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The news spread that famous couturiers Dolce & Gabbana had begun to collaborate with Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia for the presentation of their new collection Dolce & Gabbana autumn-winter 2021/2022. According to the designers, this institute plays a significant role in the modern world, and it improves both medicine and ecology through the use of innovative technologies.As a result, the latest developments of IIT humanoid robots iCub and R1 in the fields of artificial intelligence and service robotics were featured in the new Dolce & Gabbana collection, which was dedicated to new digital solutions. And this is a new take on the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, which has always been known for its sexy 1990s style.Perhaps the designers approached this by rethinking the topic of sexuality for today and projecting it onto a completely different generation of today's young people. As a result, something new appeared on the catwalk, ranging from exaggerated silhouettes made of high-tech materials to a plethora of shiny structures and extremely bright colors.The designers created a virtual reality that is completely
robot style
different from ours today by combining plastic with natural wool and vegan products, resulting in an amazing blend of the natural and artificial worlds. This demonstrates that man, through his ability to create, has enabled the development of high-tech robots and other discoveries.It was a man who taught robots to draw sketches of suits and dresses, walk, think, and do a variety of other things. According to the couturier, fashion has always brought together disparate worlds. They purposefully exaggerated all of the accessories and jewelry in their collection, alluding to the digital format in clothing.The models were dressed in bouclé jackets with shiny patchwork and glasses with clear visors. Huge, oversized down jackets in trendy leopard print, space dresses with pointed shoulders, and, of course, minis with plastic boots.All of these experimental things imply thinking about the present day, its problems and accomplishments, and they inspire confidence and hope for the best.