HANDMADE IN ITALY - Cashmere, Leather, Silk and beyond

  Italian craftsmanship has long been admired on a global scale. There is no doubt that the Italians are talented craftsmen and creative designers whose artistic and craft excellence is recognized around the world. For decades, Italy has been a leader in innovative, beautiful, and high-quality design. 

A girl with Ghibli wicker tote bag medium size dark brown

It's no surprise that Isaloni (Salone del Mobile, Milan), one of the world's finest and most well-known exhibitions of art and furniture design, has been based in Milan since 1961. I'd like to highlight some well-known and lesser-known Italian brands of handmade clothing, shoes, and accessories that have very interesting and high-quality cashmere products in their collections that are not mass-produced, but one-of-a-kind and hand made specifically for the client. For example, AMA PURE, ELIE SAAB, CURLING COLLECTION, CABAN, and A.MANTO (cashmere goods) are among the best companies in Italy for the production of handmade cashmere products. These businesses began between 10 and 20 years ago, and today they have many grateful buyers from all over the world.

Amazing silk BARBIERI, FLORA LASTRAIOLI, LEONARD (scarves and home lounge) are distinguished by their unique pattern, which is applied manually by the master and is only repeated once.  Exclusive handmade bags on order BOLDRINI SELLERIA, BIAGINI, GHIBLI, these are undeniably masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship and should be as well-known as their well-known competitors. Bags are entirely handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans and are distinguished by their uniqueness, quality, and design.Customers like the personal touch and are willing to wait up to two months for their best bag, so these brands have grown in popularity in recent years.

It is impossible to overlook the handmade MONTE SPORT shoes, which stand out for their high quality and exceptional comfort, which is highly regarded around the world. This company began its rise in 1973 and has since gained not only prestige in Italy, but also far beyond its borders.

If you want to buy something truly unique, consider the umbrellas from the Italian company PASOTTI, whose handicrafts will not leave you indifferent. These magnificent umbrellas will highlight your status and individuality, which is essential for each of us. Italy delights and instills in us a taste for true quality, revives our fantasies, and makes us feel our lives in new ways.