Hidden Luxury within you

street fashion
Being fashionable in the twenty-first century is about more than just clothes. This is about how a person is valued as a person and how important his opinion is to others. The highest form of demonstration is to dress in philosophy and spend a lot of money, but in such a way that only a few people can see it. All high-end brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana, are for people who want to surround themselves with symbols of newly acquired status.However, you are not required to master the art of demonstrating a higher order. You're dressed in jeans, preferably tattered ones - this is very democratic and is an important part of your outfit. However, you casually tuck the hem to show off the Japanese selvedge denim. Instead of a trendy belt, she wore a rainbow shawl made of Chinese crepe silk, as if in support of sexual minorities. If you're wearing an expensive white T-shirt, you're not displaying the brand! You're wearing sneakers or sneakers  from Golden Goose's limited collection, but they're quite worn.You're carrying a massive 1515 Birkin Preowned bag made of reptile skin on your shoulder. This is your only branded item, and it's only because you didn't buy it (how can you wear such pathos?) You recently inherited the bag from a Russian pro-grandmother and must wear it in her honor. Most importantly, it is compact and fits into a MacBook Pro.
Forget about diamonds - this is in poor taste and is very redneck. Your ears are adorned with custom-made copper earrings inlaid with fragments of a deceased tortoise shell. Remember, being fashionable is about more than just your clothes!Remember, being fashionable is about more than just your clothes! This is about a person being appreciated as a person and having his or her voice heard. As a result, you tell your numerous Instagram followers how to make healthy food every day. However, you do not offer any advice - this is not fashionable in the free world! Loft style, you're filming a naive story about healthy food from your desert mega kitchen. Everything is simple and organic from the Hollywood Farmers Market, but connoisseurs know that it is three times the price of a local supermarket.Consider yourself in such an eco-system?  Dressed stylishly rather than fashionablely. Without pathos, but with a cleverly concealed claim. Democratic, but ruthless when it comes to status.   You are now fashionable!