How TikTok and Instagram trends have affected high fashion houses

Everyone has noticed that TikTok and Instagram stars have recently appeared in heavily frayed denim shorts with a belt with a huge buckle, a cap, and shoes with small heels, in various lace bodysuits with cargo pants and stylish Fendi baguette, and sunglasses are combined with slogan velor sweatpants with glittering rhinestones. And, thanks to TikTok and Instagram, fashion houses have breathed new life into their 2000s collections this season, and with greater vigour than before. The reign of kitsch and glamor has returned in the latest Miu Miu collections, with knee-length fur boots, tops and trousers with crystals, such as Blumarine, and Lanvin with eclecticism in everything. What was once considered controversial has now become the unquestionable norm and inevitability. When
tiktok model
asked why it appeared today, you can certainly answer that it happened because of Generation Z, where on Instagram and TikTok, girls and boys are ready to show off bright outfits, use catchy makeup, and dye their hair neon colors in order to somehow stand out and become popular. Unsurprisingly, it all ended up in the world of fashion, and even Marc Jacobs, one of the industry's most ardent supporters, jumped on board and launched Heaven with artist Ava Nirui , the aesthetics of the 2000s emerged in many well-known Fall / Winter 2021-2022 collections, such as Nicola Broniano, with a lot of faux fur and slanting mini dresses and skirts embroidered with bright crystals. We realized much later that revival is not necessarily an ideal image, but rather a re-enactment of a bygone and distant era that reflects our current desires. Moreover, during a pandemic, everything related to bright parties and glamor is especially relevant, and everyone is looking for joy anywhere.The special style of the 1990s, which can be found in Glenn Martens' works, speaks of the table past, and after a year of wearing everyday knitwear and sneakers, I want to dress in the glamor of that era. In the fall, when the dazzlingly bright collections are already in boutiques, we will be happy to purchase fashionable shiny tops and dresses with crystals.  We deserve it!