Dressed to kill: red dresses like Rita Castillo, the main diva of "Why Women Kill second "'s season.

red gownWhy Women Kill is back: The new season premiered on Amediatek on June 4. This time, the creators ditched the time loop and three storylines from the first installment in favor of presenting the audience with a single coherent story set in 1949 in the Los Angeles suburbs.Alma (Allison Tolman), the wife of the veterinarian, is in the center of the plot, a shy housewife who aspires to join a closed gardening club for the town's wealthiest and most respected residents. And in order to do so, she must first obtain permission from the county's top fashion icon, Rita Castillo (Lana Parrilla).This time, you will know from the first seconds that the series is the work of "Desperate Housewives" author Mark Cherry. All the same intrigues and scandals in the setting of an ideal suburb with ideal lawns, beneath which local residents' dirty secrets are buried.Only the era is changing, and with it, the entire entourage: we will now admire retro cars, corset dresses, and graceful hats with patterns.
If we enthusiastically followed the outfits of the heroine Lucy Liu for the entire first season of Why Women Kill, she was replaced in the second season by no less spectacular and temperamental Rita with her retro wardrobe.Residents of the city fear her, love her, and condemn her, but they still want to be like her in everything, and they certainly envy both the luxurious life in the mansion and the wardrobe full of couture dresses. Castillo's outfits, as the narrator observes, "strike everyone": "her weapon is lipstick and neckline." In addition, there's red.
Rita, for example, did not cancel the club party in her garden after learning about her husband's heart attack; instead, she triumphantly appeared in front of the guests wearing a bright red dress embroidered with flowers, a bright red hat, and scarlet sandals with a 10-centimeter heel. She did, however, have a mourning element ready: black leather seals and a small veil.
She looks stunning in red on the red carpet, bathed in the rays of paparazzi flashes, on dates with a young actor (read - lover), and when she visits her elderly husband in the hospital. "Carlo is a vile man, he deceived me at the wedding: he said he would die at 70, and now he is already 80!" she says, accompanying the visit.Red represents love, passion, and vengeance. This is a very accurate psychological portrait of the heroine, who is motivated by these emotions.
It's difficult to say that Castillo is the anti-heroine - rather, she's just another controversial female character in Mark Cherry's piggy bank, and she acts as the situation demands or the town's entire slightly toxic community. As a result, Rita became a true diva, impossible to take your gaze away from - and, as such, a role model for all the other ladies in town.This summer, we recommend that you follow Castillo's lead in terms of style rather than behavior.
We've gathered seven red dresses that will have you looking no less impressive than Rita Castillo this summer, always, everywhere, and in any incomprehensible situation: from silk Prada with a fitted silhouette to a combination of L'Autre Chose with images of a bull (a symbol of our homeland heroine).
Bright lipstick, heeled sandals, and floral-print accessories will help you finish the look (remember, she is the chairman of the gardening club).