Italians are the heirs of centuries of history and culture, which are very important in the evolution of the West. A complex history characterized by the dominance of different, incredibly wealthy civilizations, each of which has contributed to the creation of an incomparable style: the Italian style.

Italian Stylish men
As Romano Benini points out in his book Italian Style (ed. by Doniselli), there are no people in the world like Italians who can be understood by their external forms: habits, gestures, language, art and dress. Of course, aesthetics and style are still the key to understanding the ethics and value systems that distinguish us.

Another word stands out from the meaning of style, which exemplarily describes Italy: taste, that is, the affirmation and awareness of one's personal style. What we all need to do today is to pit the economy and society based on taste against the current consumer society. Italian style and taste are a unique heritage.

My work in Italian style!

Excellence in creativity and dexterity

When I started talking about Italian Style and Made in Italy on the website and on social networks, as well as choosing Italian brands, I assumed that I could choose the things that I wear or surround myself with. I chose not well-known luxury brands
at exorbitant prices, but small niche companies, accessories, high-quality furniture.
I always brought with me family furniture or furniture bought from antique dealers and resellers, furnishing the houses where I lived, playing with modern and functional furniture. The same with clothes: clothes that I had at home, mine or from my grandmother, which I customized, modified and wore along with things bought locally. From time to time I drew a model that I could not find, and the seamstress made it.

I don't know if this can be defined as my style. This, of course, is my education, the education that all Italians have, and which they inherited from their mothers, fathers, grandparents, in short, from the family.

Use and buy beautiful things that will last you a long time. Repair the coat that we have in the closet, and even better, the head of the family. Polishing and decorating a sideboard or chest of drawers restores these things to their proper dignity.

So where did the Italian style come from? Let's now analyze in history what influenced our style.
Italian coast

Of course, from education, as we said, but also from Italian culture and from what has surrounded us for centuries. Italy is a wonderful country where art, culture and beauty define the territory, and this should not be forgotten.

Let's now analyze in what influenced Italian style. What is style?

Elegance without luxury

According to some authors, when we talk about style, we are talking about difference through subtraction, about elegance that avoids luxury: restraint in dress, in gestures, in words. An elegant person likes to blend in with the crowd so as not to be noticed, except for the attentive look of someone who knows how to recognize certain details. Her style is not only the result of a well-tailored dress, but the way she infuses that dress – her personality and grace – is her soul.

This is a subtle refinement, never intrusive, consisting of details, this is a penchant for quality, this is a rejection of vulgarity and vanity. This is a concept that the Italians always keep in mind and which completely defines the Italian style.

Because we must believe in Italian style

"Feelings make fewer mistakes than the mind"

Made in Italy is the engine of the economy, from craftsmanship to fashion, from design to food and landscape. Made in Italy is not only about who produces, but embraces all of us, even those who do not, in a perfect union between knowing how to be and knowing how to do: Italian style.