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We'll show you how to spot a well-made pair of shoes and tell you about the production of bags that make shoes stand out.

     After extolling the virtues of exclusive Italian handmade brands, we turn our attention to shoes made in Portugal. Oh, who would you be if you had Carrie Bradshaw's shoe cabinet from Sex and the City or if you're the one who hides boxes of new shoes from your husband that you bought at very good prices (we always say a lot of nonsense to each other)? Whatever happens, I'm confident this shoe will find a home in your heart.

JOSEFINAS - We believe in the importance of fighting for a better world!

Josefinas golden-pink ballet shoes

        Not all shoes are created equal. And today we're talking about a shoe brand that you'll love: starting with a disadvantage, the inability of many women to wear high heels has been turned into an advantage.

We're talking about JOSEFINAS, a Portuguese brand that manages to make shoes comfortable for everyone. How? With regard to bag handling!     

 "Made in Portugal is a craftsmanship, it is above all a sensibility that comes from the culture and art of this wonderful country. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say: We believe that everything we do must have a purpose.


How did it all start...

One day, a woman had a dream, which she shared with others, and the dream came

Josefinas spotted brownish flowers low heel high cut boots with straps


Josephinas is a Portuguese brand that began as a dream. Making handmade shoes gained a new name in a country in crisis, where there was little room for dreams: Josephinas.

The savoir-faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea have remained intact in Portugal, and 'never give up' has always defined the Josefinas' path and what it stands for. The name "Josefinas" was inspired by the grandmother of one of the brand's founders, who used to take her granddaughter to ballet classes and show her that women can do anything.

We hope that Josephina's story inspires many other women to follow in her footsteps and achieve their goals, just as it does for us every day!


Quality footwear is always comfortable.

This means that the shoe is extremely light and flexible, and that it can be folded in half and returned exactly as before, whether it's a flat or cleavage shoe.

"All shoe components, including heels, heels, toes, and buckles, must be of high quality.”   Shoes should always be worn, which may seem like an obvious statement, but whether you like it or not, this is one of the main features. Shoes should fit perfectly, and unfortunately, legs differ from one another. While a bag is almost always nice, feet and thus shoes require more attention .But, if finding the right shoes can be difficult, particularly when shopping online, what precautions should you take?

1) Choosing the Right Shoes: Taste is one of the first.  We should buy shoes that we like, of course, but they should also suit our personality, reflect it.  We all must have been thrilled to see trendy or trendy pieces that, once purchased, unfortunately don't suit our taste or our style, and as a result, we don't feel at ease leaving them in the closet.

2) How to choose the right shoes: size

3) How to choose the right shoes: by eye

  See how they are made.  Of course, it is not easy for a non-specialist to understand whether shoes are well made or bad.  JOSEFINAS is made using the "sacchetto" technique, a special process in which the lining is sewn directly onto the insole.


  Shoe components

  A precious craftsmanship like that of JOSEFINAS embodies the softness, lightness and technique that are synonymous with quality, research in materials and style.  All components of the shoe are good: heels, heels, toes and buckles.

  The sole should be of the right softness, the heel should not be too tight, it should stretch under the heel.  If the shoe is good, all its components must be of high quality.

  JOSEFINAS has revolutionized the entire production cycle and strives for excellence every day.