Welcome to the dawn of a new era in space tourism. Today, it is becoming a reality, and even famous fashion houses are taking notice, with Louis Vuitton preparing to release a Mars guide. Nobody will be surprised if, in the near future, we all see space suits with the fashion house's monogram in its new collections. Louis Vuitton is expanding its travel book series, the most recent of which included a Mars travel guide. The book is beautifully illustrated by French writer Sylvain Tesson and Belgian-born comic artist François Chuitin. They collaborated on a story set in the 22nd century, when natural disasters, overpopulation of the planet, and rising temperatures turned habitable areas into barren deserts, forcing people to look for new places to live outside the Earth. And given the latest news, that doesn't seem too far-fetched. The illustrator primarily attempted to reach out to children, who are typically uninterested in various
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travels. An intriguing story about a man and a woman, akin to the future's Adam and Eve, who travel to Mars to see if it is habitable. Mars, or the Red Planet, looms large in children's fantasies as something extraordinary and fantastic, and the author attempted to capture this. The book's author, on the other hand, walked all over Russia and India on foot, where there are many terrestrial landscapes that closely resemble the planet Mars.Tesson describes Mars as "a grim reflection of the Earth if we continue on our current trajectory." If you think about it, the existing problems with climate, water, and overconsumption in the near future may render the planet Earth unsuitable for life, and we will have to look for new planets one way or another.