Modern Identity - handmade in Italy shoes that deserve your attention

New Made in Italy entrepreneurs are people who care about the well-being of the territory, look at the environment, believe in their ideas and are able, using new technologies, to expand their markets without leaving their place of residence.

Let's talk about gorgeous handmade shoes that deserve your attention. Today we tell a beautiful story about the enterprise of five young women and their strong desire to instill their identity in the long legacy of the company founded by their fathers.

A young woman wearing Monte Sport shoes

Modern identity, Excellent quality, craftsmanship and materials.

A wealth of long-standing shoe traditions. A style woven from the curiosity and eclecticism of a sophisticated aesthetic search.

In 1973, Santino Pincin and Giovanni Torresan founded TP Sport, a company dedicated to the production of mountain and work footwear. The will to act, competence and seriousness allowed the company to grow until a turning point in 1985, when MONTE SPORT was born.

Driven by a desire to improve and love for their work, five women studied aesthetics and beauty trends, keeping the experience of their fathers.
"Our passion drives us to search for new materials, always following the teachings of our fathers and the methods of Italian know-how."

MONTE SPORT, footwear made with passion.

The Brand collection was born in 2018 as a confirmation of the identity of five young women. Thanks

monte sport shoe close up

to their strong desire to instill their individuality, a footwear collection unlike any other, refined and elegant, was born. On the one hand, a modern, eclectic and sophisticated sensibility, on the other, an invaluable know-how in the field of shoes, a whole culture strictly "Made in Italy" and at the same time an unbounded love for the mountains and nature. The grammar that defines MONTE SPORT today.

Everything revolves around materials, better leather. The form must be adapted to the type of leather, and then, based on the material, the craftsmen study and try to experiment with new models of shoes.

For those who encounter a handmade product for the first time, they immediately appreciate it for its beauty and convenience, durability and individuality.

Quality, professionalism and craftsmanship are what define handmade shoes.

There are two distinct consumers of quality footwear: the handmade enthusiast and the custom-tailored enthusiast.

When a handmade enthusiast enters the workshop, every detail is personalized and the client's name is hand-engraved inside the shoe.

But when a true lover of tailor-made shoes arrives, only then does the path of symbiosis begin: the shoes are designed and built solely on his foot. The created form will receive a name and will forever remain in the archive of his workshop.

Shoe craft is the perfect combination of quality, craftsmanship and art.

Currently, the company is expanding and specializing, collaborating with the most prestigious brands of sports shoes

What to say!! Magnificent handmade shoes always remain a reflection of individuality, taste, elegance, temperament and authenticity of nature. The new sensibility is liberated and asserts itself.