Princess Diana wore the Travolta gown when she danced with John Travolta

travolta gown
 This is the story of one of the world's most famous dresses.    In November 1985, US President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy hosted a White House charity dinner with guests of honor Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The latter, as usual, was in the spotlight, and that evening will be remembered for a number of reasons. Lady Dee's famous dance with actor John Travolta is one of them. Their photograph was widely circulated in the press, and they quickly rose to cult status. The second reason is fashion. At the event, Princess Diana wore a velvet gown "the color of the night sky" with lowered shoulders designed by Victor Edelstein of London.This is not the first time the Princess of Wales' wife has appeared in an Edwardian-inspired gown. Diana wore the gown again two years later, in Germany in December 1987, and at the Wall Street premiere in April 1988. She also chose him for her final official portrait photograph, which was taken in 1997 by Prince Charles' uncle, the Earl of Snowdon. Following Princess Diana's death, the gown was auctioned off several times (Diana herself was going to do this shortly before her death). It sold for £100,000 in 1997 and again for £240,000 in 2013, making it one of the most expensive dresses ever auctioned.The dress was last sold on December 9, 2020, by London-based Kerry Taylor Auctions for a starting price of £350,000. The lucky owner, as is often the case, wished to remain anonymous. Princess Diana is still a fashion icon today, and young people are still fascinated by her.