Style characteristics of "Made in Italy"

a stylish well dressed young woman sitting at the coffee bar tableWe frequently wonder why Made in Italy is so highly valued around the world, perhaps because we are unaware of the true characteristics that distinguish it from foreign production. Let us investigate the features, attention, and benefits of a product favored by the most successful entrepreneurs. From clothing to jewelry to food, the Italian's manual and technical skills are in high demand all over the world.

Raw materials have always been important.

Since the beginning, raw materials have been the factor that distinguishes a well-made product from a low-quality product. That is why, in every industry, from food to tailoring, something made from better raw materials is always preferable. Fast food rose to prominence in the food industry, overshadowing good cooking and making room for products of dubious utility. It's the same with tailoring, where the precious fabric was gradually replaced by a cheaper one due to oversupply.
This, however, did not deter lovers of beauty and Made in Italy. Today, owning a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture, a painting, or even a meal bearing the name of Italy has almost become a luxury. All of this is done to confirm the exclusivity that the brand can bestow on any product of any kind. Quality as a synonym for endurance
"But buy a pair of Italian shoes, they'll last a long time!" how many times have we heard. There is a reason for this. In any case, the high cost of an item made in a boot by a master has always been justified by its long lifespan.
This is correct. Consider a pair of Italian shoes and compare them to shoes purchased in department stores. We will notice that the materials, details, and plasticity of the shoes are much better, regardless of history.This is due to the Italian master's belief in creating something unique and inimitable. The passion and skill with which jewelry, clothing, glass, and furniture are crafted is what sets the Italian master apart from the rest of the world.

The Italian way of life

Italian made men's brown dress shoes
The idea arose from a desire to identify with the flag. A type of patriotism that, in addition to praising the country of origin, emphasized its exclusivity. Even today, Italians are the best architects, engineers, glassmakers, etc., etc.
The Italian way of life embodies luxury through craftsmanship. Even if it is expensive, Italian haute couture clothing will always be preferred over clothing from other parts of the world.Consider the success of major brands such as Versace, Bulgari, Armani, and others.
The phenomenon in question is an extraordinary way to demonstrate to the rest of the world what Italians can do and create, producing something magically exceptional from seemingly insignificant raw materials.

A Made in Italy brand on par with the world's best

According to a 2019 Forbes study, Made in Italy is the seventh most well-known brand, ranking almost equally with multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola and Visa. A prestigious rating that determines a brand's importance can only confirm that it is one of the best brands in the world. 
  Made in Italy is a guarantee in all areas.  This is possible thanks to legislation governing production and authentic standards.  Well, yes, the flagship companies of what is defined as Italian good taste must follow clear rules to define their creations as "Made in Italy".
  In fact, a product defined as such must, by law, be "conceived, designed, processed and packaged in Italy to consider itself 100% Made in Italy".

  Made in Italy product guarantee

  In addition to being specific, today the name "Made in Italy" is given significant attention in any field to become a reference point in the rest of the world.
  Italian craftsmen guarantee a certain level of reliability and craftsmanship in every item they make.  Be it liqueurs (of which we are the owners of the invention of vermouth), shoes, considered excellence among excellences, or agriculture, where we combine innovation with tradition.
  The product "Made in Italy" gives a certain guarantee even in the production processes.  Indeed, Italy is one of the countries that require extremely high quality standards.