The Pasha de Cartier watches that going beyond the usual classic

Pasha de Cartier watches
The Pasha de Cartier watch model made a splash in 1985, going beyond the usual classic watchmaking art. Cartier's master craftsmen created an entirely new graphic design, inscribing a square scale in the style of a "railway" in the round dial of the watch and leaving only four Arabic numerals.However, this concept first appeared in 1943, when the Pasha of Marrakesh, Tami El Glaoui, ordered an unusual watch model from the Cartier house. Being a connoisseur of rare specimens as well as an excellent swimmer, he desired waterproof options for swimming in the pool in addition to costume options.The creation of such a watch was a technical marvel at the time, as it was not easy even for Cartier's craftsmen. Following a successful experiment, Cartier decided to create a separate collection called Pasha de Cartier in honor of Tomi El Glaoui after a few decades.The first ones were called Pasha 38 because they had a 38-mm diameter and were made entirely of gold with a leather strap. Created for men, they quickly gained unisex status, and two of the five ambassadors in the most recent collections were girls Maisie Williams and Willow Smith.Cartier introduced a steel version of the Pasha C in 1995 to commemorate the collection's tenth anniversary. This model was designed in a sporty style and features a 35 mm case for compactness. And, in 1998, Cartier introduced the Pasha 32 model, which was designed specifically for women. It was a miniature model with a removable grille and diamond inlay.Later, in 2005, large Pasha 42s debuted, followed by sports Pasha Seatimers in 2006 and miniature female Miss Pasha models with a 27 mm case in 2009. All of them were a huge success, and the watch collection already made a leap into the past in the form of new Pasha de Cartier models in 2020.The watch is even more beautiful than the iconic first model from 1985, with a sapphire crown, blue spinel, removable and replaceable strap, and customization options.Initials can be applied not only on the case back, which is transparent for this model, but also under the continuous chain link of the protective cap, and they will be visible when the crown cap is unscrewed - this is Pasha de Cartier's .The novelties have many different versions with mysterious indications and skeletons, and they have no equal in this regard to the masters of Cartier..