The perfect swimsuit for long swims - what is it?

swimsuitOne-piece swimsuits are classified into two types based on their condition. The first are appropriate for spectacular splashing along the coast, a pool party, or a beach vacation with a book: they can be embellished with strings, bows, frills, cuts, and other decorative elements. The second is for prolonged heating. In general, the latter are difficult to come by.
Being attractive isn't enough for a swimsuit. First and foremost, it must be functional. The ideal option fits snugly and does not scoop up water, while also not rubbing or leaving marks on the body. It's simple to put on and take off. It is preferable to avoid models with thin straps, as these will fall off during sweeping movements.Locks, ties, and extra details on the straps will only get in the way. The material should be dense so that it does not lose its appearance when exposed to sunlight, sea water, or bleach.
Otherwise, the decision is entirely yours. It could be a simple black swimsuit like Asceno or an emerald Eres. Models Arket, Magda Butrym, and Attico have a high collar - on a hot day, such a swimsuit can be worn as a T-shirt, with shorts or a skirt on the way to the pool or the beach.
Hunza G and the Russian brand Belle You use a knit material for their products, which fit snugly and do not show through. Ozero Swimwear is another local brand that uses recycled nylon. We recommend starting the bathing season this weekend in any swimsuit from our collection: in the open-air pool, on the lakes outside the city, or, if you're lucky, at the sea.