This summer, Uniqlo will present a collaboration with Mame Kurogouchi.

uniqlo model in a white shirtUniqlo, a Japanese international clothing brand, has announced the release of a collaboration collection with designer Maiko Kuroguchi in select stores and online this summer.
The collaboration between Uniqlo and Mame Kuroguchi features lingerie with distinctive rounded design elements made from the innovative AIRism material and 3D Knit. A new collection of comfort clothing inspired by the LifeWear concept will bring a sense of lightness to the lives of women all over the world.
Designer Maiko Kuroguchi on the new collection: “One of the difficult tasks for me as a designer is to make lingerie more comfortable and aesthetic. Underwear is an integral part of every day, it is the first thing we put on after waking up, and it should be pleasant and comfortable. This collection is designed for a healthy and happy lifestyle. “
The line between underwear and clothing is becoming increasingly blurred. 
The feminine beauty is highlighted by the laconic and thoughtful cut. AIRism bras, briefs, and tops with mesh details are part of the collection. Exquisite details, such as thin straps and golden-colored fittings, are featured on all of the products. A black, white, beige, and brown color scheme allows any woman to select a skin tone-appropriate option. The models are created in such a way that they are visible under clothing, blurring the line between everyday items and underwear.
Models with a stunning new design 
The collection includes garments that are equally suitable for home wear as well as everyday life, in keeping with the LifeWear concept. Maiko Kuroguchi's designs, like the lingerie line, combine simplicity and elegance. Every piece in the collection makes a woman feel at ease and looks great in any situation, whether she's at home or out and about.