Tired of t-shirts and sweatpants, we demand elegance and femininity!

In recent years, we have grown accustomed to wearing everyday items such as tracksuits, oversized knitwear, and T-shirts, and, obviously tired of the mundane, we desired elegance and femininity in our clothing. Designers listened, and in the autumn-winter season 2021-2022, fashion houses included elegant skirts and dresses in their collections, particularly romantic and versatile pleated skirts, and they will soon replenish the wardrobes of all fashionistas.This basic wardrobe item, in fact, looks great with a jumper, T-shirt, or classic shirt and exudes gloss and elegance. The fact that pleated skirts can be worn in summer, autumn, and winter explains why there are so many of them, ranging from leather with deep pleats to flowing silk and light fabrics. From Rokh leather jackets to Bevza wool coats, the famous fall-winter 2021/2022 collections show many examples of how pleated skirts can be worn.Givenchy showed a pleated
white skirt with a monochrome top, while Christian Dior showed the already famous New Look style, which was created in the 1940s, paired with a fitted jacket and ballet flats, both of which are very fashionable this season.Because the pleated skirt has proven its practicality and versatility, it can be worn with bomber jackets, rough shoes, and delicate shoes and blouses. Loafers with heels, oxfords, and ballet flats, the season's main trend, complement a pleated skirt with a floor-length coat or a fitted leather jacket.Fashionable loafers with heels or a massive platform combined with the same skirt and blouse create a very stylish image, and designers strongly advise you to have it in your wardrobe.Ballet flats with a pleated skirt create an elegant look, and if you're tired of chunky shoes, this is an excellent choice. You can look through the collections of Prada, Max Mara, Tod's, and Versace to find the appropriate option that will make you feel confident and comfortable.