Vibrant colors in post-pandemic collections given by the Nature

large summer hat
Nature's vibrant colors have always been an endless source of inspiration, inspiring artists to create magnificent images at all times. Similarly, in the spring-summer season 2021 collections, nature purposefully suggested themes and colors that impressed many well-known brands. Everything has changed in people's attitudes toward the world around them in the last year of the pandemic, and this is strongly reflected in the colorful images. For example, bright and warm yellow has become the main color this season at Alberta Ferreti  and many other haute couture houses,  and a silk translucent,  flowing dress shone favorably in the brand's collection. Prada presented a sleek coat that will undoubtedly be adored by all social media fans, and Tory Burch presented a suit with a very relevant shawl print today, accented with bright red flowers. The print is back in style and fits perfectly into the Dolce & Gabbana collection, which includes everything from mini -dresses to maxi -tunics.  Michail Kors Collection, like Dior, showcased a deep and cool
red and blue
green, embodied in maxi dresses with thin shoulder straps in a lighter shade, which are ideal for hot summer days. Brandon Maxwell was inspired by the gorgeous combination of orange and vibrant red that can be seen during sunset, which featured images in a combination of bright red and orange. Fendi was inspired by the natural play of red and pink, which has already become a classic, and the natural play of all shades of blue prompted many designers to include it in their collections. Cristian Dior's love of saturation and deep blue will be embodied in jackets and trousers,  jumpers, and even banana pants. Turquoise dresses in flowing silk inlaid with stones and appliqués, such as Donatella Versace's, are associated with the ocean and its inhabitants and complement the wardrobe perfectly.The combination of blue and orange, as seen in Stella McCartney and Tod's collections, is unquestionably the season's hit. The spring-summer 2021 season's abundance of vibrant colors, mostly made of flowing silk, linen, and cotton, are ideal for both walks and romantic dates.