What you need to know about Bottega Veneta's new Wardrobe 02 collection

Summer fashion collectionDaniel Lee, creative director at Bottega Veneta, can rightfully claim to be the main inventor of fashion bestsellers - he made even the most staunch conservatives love rubber shoes, and no self-respecting fashionista's wardrobe is complete without his dumpling bag.
Today, the designer unveiled the new Wardrobe 02 collection, which expands on his concept of the perfect wardrobe for every occasion. We advise all fans of the brand to start looking at new models right away because they will go on sale very soon and will almost certainly be sold out in the first few weeks.
Traditionally, the new collection features a lot of leather, parrot, and limoncello colors, as well as the same fitted silhouettes and favorite bag models in new colors. The same form-fitting long dress studded with sequins as the best out-of-gender uniform, but this time in silver and gold, and the same tweed suits as the best out-of-gender uniform.
The abundance of feathers is the primary distinction between Wardrobe 02 and other collections. Looking at voluminous suits and trousers in Bottega Veneta's signature bright signature colors, we are once again convinced that we want to dress up more than ever.
“You have to live to the fullest,” Daniel Lee advises, surrounded by velvets, sequins, feathers, and vibrant colors that have become as popular as the basic ones thanks to him.Clothing is an art, and an outfit can become a performance and reflect your position in life, as evidenced by photos from the lookbook, in which, in addition to Anna Evers, people from various creative professions became its heroes.Tricky, Valeria Golino, ballet star Robert Bolle, British director Andrea Arnold, Kenzie, Oumi Jant, Malachi Kirby, whom you may recognize from Black Mirror, and other modern-day heroes A wardrobe that is up to date is what allows us to be ourselves without fear of being judged. In the same way that Daniel Lee creates for us.