Why Scandinavian fashion style exploded onto the world's main catwalks this fall?

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What do we know about the Scandinavian fashion style that exploded onto the world's main catwalks this fall? People frequently confuse Scandinavian and French styles. Yes, they are similar, but their objectives are completely different.The slightly frivolous French attitude toward life is also reflected in clothing, which can combine both masculine and feminine principles, such as a half-open shirt with a man's jacket. And the Scandinavians value aesthetics, which they express through clothing contrasts. For instance, a jacquard classic dress paired with rough boots or out-of-date sneakers.As a result, the Frenchwoman always looks elegant and stylish without much effort, whereas the Scandinavian girl makes every effort to look non-standard and playful. Scandinavians have always dressed comfortably, and the color scheme has always been and continues to be the most important
scandinavian fashion style
factor for them.No one knows how to combine color and comfort like they do today, when we can dive headfirst into colors, bright prints, and
floral solutions, inspired by Scandinavian fashion. Following the fashion trend, we will definitely incorporate sporty elements into our looks this fall, combining sneakers and long dresses.Scandinavians are madly in love with voluminous dresses, and the well-known Scandinavian brand Ganni has included doll-like dresses in its collections for several years. patent leather in a bright red color Green leather jackets, patchwork, shearling, faux fur trim, and rainbow crochet will all be popular this fall.And shoes are no better than scuffed-up boots. To fully match the Scandinavian style, add a blouse with a classic collar, knitted sweater vests with a voluminous silhouette and a bright pattern, and scarves that run the length of your body to your wardrobe. Your fashion look is complete!