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      After a long experience as a Product Manager for major fashion brands, moving from the research of fibers and materials to the development of total look collections, Luciana Fazio has acquired a great knowledge in the textile field and its specific aspects.
      In 2010, she started out producing scarves and home textiles for some of the major international fashion houses and in 2011, with his son Gian Marco Tavani as Development Director, they decided to launch their own brand: Ama Pure.
         Ama Pure’s unique pieces are created with the purest wool and cashmere, sourced from the Mongolian high plains and produced by expert craftsmen, using sustainable traditional techniques: all pieces are woven on traditional looms and finished by hand.
      Luciana supervises all phases of production making all necessary changes and improvements to the material that is itself special and exclusive. Her exceptional expertise and extreme attention to detail have established Ama Pure as a brand of authentic, timeless, wearable art.

      Having built a wealth of experience and profound knowledge in the textile field through her role as a Product Manager for leading global fashion brands, Luciana Fazio boasts a considerable understanding of the complete spectrum of collection development. From delving into the intricacies of fiber and material research to producing full look collections, Luciana's expertise is undeniably deep and diverse.

      In 2010, Luciana embarked on a new journey, producing not only highly sought-after scarves but also exceptional home textiles for some of the world's major international fashion houses. A year later, in 2011, she teamed up with her son, Gian Marco Tavani, who took on the role of Development Director. United, they launched their very own fashion textile brand, Ama Pure.

      Ama Pure is renowned for its one-of-a-kind pieces, masterfully created with the purest materials procured from the high plains of Mongolia. The brand is committed to preserving centuries-old traditions, utilizing sustainable techniques, and employing expert craftsmen. Every item in the Ama Pure collection is woven on traditional looms by skilled hands, resulting in pieces that are as authentic as they are exquisite.

      Luciana remains intricately involved in every phase of the production process. She meticulously supervises each step, making necessary modifications and enhancements to the already special and exclusive materials. Her unrivaled expertise coupled with her extreme attention to detail is the foundation on which Ama Pure has been built – a brand synonymous with authenticity, timeless elegance, and wearable art.

      At the heart of Ama Pure's offering are scarves and home textiles. These pieces embody the brand’s exceptional investment into quality materials and craftsmanship. From beautifully textured scarves that serve as a luxurious accessory for the fashion-conscious wearer to home textiles that add a touch of luxury and comfort to any space, Ama Pure ensures that each product is nothing short of perfection. This constant pursuit of excellence has positioned Ama Pure as a beloved brand for those in search of authentic, artful, and superior quality scarves and home textiles.