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      Born in 1945 in Como, today Barbieri is among the leading textile companies in the field of fashion accessories for research, study, experiment new production techniques and new printing processes.
      Barbieri designs and produces exclusive scarves and foulards with a very high creative content: printed scarves, solid color, dyed yarn and jacquard. If they have an idea they realize it, or they try in every way to make it possible.
      Barbieri offers the great experience and professionalism of a team of creative and stylists with their creative and technological skills, ready, smiling and with the most promising skills for the conception and creation of a particular accessory that distinguishes itself and is recognizable for its quality and exclusivity.
      The most important thing is to create a refined, trendy product, through a solid background of knowledge with a careful study of details and in the search for unique prints with strong personality.
      Barbieri is the protagonist in the world of accessories and an integral part of the excellence of Made in Italy, from printing to weaving to the packaging of finished products.

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      Established in the year 1945 in the Italian city of Como, Barbieri stands as one of the most acclaimed textile brands hailing from Italy. The brand is renowned for its specialization in the manufacture of silk, a craft it has honed over decades of dedicated work. The expertise and craftsmanship that Barbieri has built over the years has found appeal in luxury fashion houses worldwide, reinforcing its status as a notable entity in the global textile industry.

      Barbieri's success, however, is not just limited to manufacturing silk for other renowned brands. The brand has effectively utilized its extensive research and innovation capabilities to shape a unique label of its own. This is made evident through the vibrant and bold world that Barbieri creates with its multifarious range of products. Barbieri's creative prowess is unmissable and is articulated through the inimitable prints, patterns, and colour combinations that adorn its creations. Their approach to design goes beyond the ordinary and stands as a testament to the brand's refined and tasteful aesthetic sensibilities.

      Barbieri's cornerstone product is their collection of exquisite scarves. These scarves embody the brand's promise of delivering high-quality silk pieces that are as premium in touch as they are in appearance. The diverse designs sported by these scarves render them versatile accessories, each one capable of taking on various forms and styles according to the wearer's preference. One is apt to be mesmerized contemplating the painstaking effort and meticulous care that goes into crafting such an accessory. It is this attention to detail that truly sets Barbieri apart.

      Thus, amidst the world of fashion accessories, Barbieri's scarves stand as a colourful beacon of the brand's Italian craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unrelenting commitment to quality. This, undoubtedly, is why Barbieri, time and again, finds its place in the wardrobes of those seeking luxe, fashion-forward accessories.