Boldrini Selleria was founded in Tuscany in 1955, when Scandiano Boldrini opened a small handbag workshop in a little town, Chiesina Uzzanese, where the scent of leather from the nearby tanneries can still be smelt in the air.
      With his team of skilled craftsmen, Scandiano knows how to put his stamp on any bag, creating products of outstanding quality and value.
      A pursuit of excellence that has been passed down the generations, with Luca firmly in the grips of a passion for business and craftsmanship that is the same as his father’s.
      A little family-run Tuscan shop that has grown into a world-class brand, synonym with craftsmanship, leather, and superior quality. Every bag is one of a kind, like those who wear it!

      For decades, the name Boldrini Selleria has been synonymous with expert craftsmanship, elegance, and quality. Established in 1955 by the renowned craftsman, Scandiano Boldrini, this brand has made its mark in the world of fashion with its exquisite and unique leather bags. Nestled in the charming Tuscan town of Chiesina Uzzanese, Boldrini Selleria stands as a testament to the timeless allure of authentic Italian craftsmanship.

      At the heart of Boldrini Selleria's grand narrative is a deep-rooted love for tradition and artistry. They proudly embody the essence of ‘Made in Tuscany’ production, partnering exclusively with the region's most skilled artisans. Each craftsman is carefully selected for their finesse, attention to detail, and dedication to upholding the traditional Tuscan practices that have been honed and safeguarded over time.

      The brand places special emphasis on the use of high-quality vegetable-tanned leathers, meticulously sourced from local, trusted tanneries. They are resolute in their commitment to honor and support local resources while guaranteeing a superior product. Further, this approach aligns perfectly with their philosophy of sustainable fashion.

      The signature of Boldrini Selleria is their custom-designed, handcrafted leather bags. Each bag is conceived and brought to life in the same traditional way, with each stitch carefully exposed, an homage to the past, and a clear distinction in the world of mass-produced bags. The unique construction weaves a tale of simplicity, beauty, and resilience so compelling, it lingers in the observer’s mind long after the first glance.

      The appeal of Boldrini Selleria's leather bags transcends simplistic exterior aesthetics - the brand ensures their bags' beauty deepens with time. Like wine, the leather is manipulated and treated to age elegantly, maturing from its pristine state to a charmingly lived-in appeal that reflects the myriad journeys it has traveled with its owner.

      In essence, Boldrini Selleria is much more than just a brand. It's a testament to unparalleled Italian craftsmanship, a tribute to Tuscan tradition, and a beacon of sustainable fashion. Their outstanding line of handcrafted leather bags offers a unique blend of timeless elegance, durability, and sophistication, making each piece an iconic fashion statement in its existence.

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