Bonfanti ​​is a family-run company founded in 1945 by Ermogene Bonfanti and his wife Annita.

      The brand started out as a small artisanal workshop specializing in briefcases and work bags, soon distinguishing itself for the creation of models that could be easily applied to bicycles as a popular means among the workers who worked in the numerous cotton mills in the Olona Valley. 

      Bonfanti is a revered brand steeped in rich tradition and history. Established in 1945, the legacy of this family-owned company was born through the industrious grit of Ermogene and Annita Bonfanti. Beginning its grand journey as a humble artisanal workshop, the brand adeptly crafted leather and canvas briefcases which catered to the pressing needs of postwar workers. An interesting feature of these briefcases was their capacity to be conveniently affixed to bicycles, proving this entrepreneurial duo had a keen eye on functionality and form.

      Born in the historic region of Olona Valley, a district of Lombardy famed for its strong textile industry, the Bonfanti brand has held on to its roots, skillfully incorporating the local craft into its unique products. As the brand identity evolved and expanded over the years, the product range blossomed to encompass women's handbags and fashion accessories. Nevertheless, the characteristic blend of leather and fabric stands undisturbed, continuing to serve as the brand's signature style and its fundamental element.

      Truly, the Bonfanti brand is a paragon of craftsmanship. Their expertise extends to working with a variety of intriguing materials rarely associated with leather. Among these are fabrics like the locally sourced Olona canvas, raw linen, and coated textiles; materials that add an uncommon texture and aesthetic to each piece.

      Undeniably captivating is the way Bonfanti selects and utilizes these materials in the construction of its products. The particular fusion of different materials dictates the structure, form and design of every item. Each Bonfanti creation is not only a product, but a testament to the brand’s alignment with traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design sensibilities.

      The driving force of the Bonfanti brand, however, remains its mainstay products; the briefcases and handbags. These artisanal creations, characterized by the harmonious confluence of form, function, and elegance, have established Bonfanti as a name synonymous with quality and timeless style. A Bonfanti accessory is not just a thing of beauty, but a tangible slice of history that reflects the brand's longstanding tradition and legacy.

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