Born from an offshoot of a family company in the 70s, Caban products are characterized by a long tradition and acquired tailoring from generation to generation. Derived from the French, “Caban” indicates a straight-cut jacket, mostly double-breasted, used by the sailors back to the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries.
         All of their coats are made with high-quality and luxurious materials such as alpaca, cashmere, and mohair provided by the best Italian suppliers. Crafted according to a tradition of tailoring artisanship, Caban’s products are made according to their most-used techniques: the raw cut and double processing.

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      Born out of a branch of a family business in the expansive and eclectic decade of the 70s, the exceptional and high-end Caban products pay homage to a cherished sartorial tradition that has been intricately handed down from one generation to the next. The name of the brand, "Caban," which takes its roots from French, denotes a straight-cut jacket, predominantly double-breasted, which was the staple outfit of sailors hit the waves in the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries. The term encapsulates an age-old clothing form that symbolizes durability, practicality, and timeless style.

      It's noteworthy that Caban, as a timeless expression of substantive style, curates a line of coats that exudes sophistication. Each coat personifies the utmost dedication to quality and the brand's striving for excellence. Woven with extremely luxurious materials like alpaca, cashmere, and mohair, these coats boast of sartorial elegance and an enchanting warmth so indulgent, it is only fitting for the upright connoisseur of refined taste.

      Each piece of fabric is procured from the finest Italian suppliers who mirror Caban’s commitment to crafting clothing of the highest order. The brand’s unique collection projects a narrative of high-fashion, reflecting an infallible sense of aesthetic sophistication and versatile style. Each coat is characterized by meticulously curated design aesthetics that seamlessly blend with functionality and comfort.

      The distinction of the Caban products lies in the specific style and quality of the tailoring. Every product is a result of time-honoured tailoring artisanship and showcases two of Caban's most frequently employed techniques: the raw cut and double processing. Each feature signifies an assured touch of refined elegance, anchoring the brand's undeniable commitment to timeless fashion and high-quality workmanship.

      Caban places a pivotal emphasis on its primary product; The Coats. Cloaked in exceptional craftsmanship, they offer a distinctive blend of style and warmth. They are the embodiment of the brand’s identity, a testimony to its rich history and a tribute to its unwavering commitment to tailoring superiority. Drawing from the elegant simplicity of its predecessor - the Caban jacket of the old seafarers, today, each Caban coat represents a modern classic, a testament to the brand’s ethos of authenticity, quality, and never-ending pursuit of sartorial perfection.

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