Carbotti was established in 1956 in Martina Franca in the southern region of Apulia. Due to the brand's longstanding collaboration with excellent suppliers and the great care taken for each product, Carbotti bags have become sort of a cult" for craftsmanship and Made in Italy design.

      Each handbag is entirely made by hand in Italy with the best materials out there, including calfskin and kidskin leather, as well as fabrics and attractive metal fittings. The Carbotti collection is designed by talented Italian stylists in close collaboration with its manufacturing bureau.

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      Carbotti is a brand that has steadfastly stood by us since its very inception, epitomizing its presence by crafting timeless and elegant handbags that have etched an indelible mark in the fashion industry. These handbags, touted with a 'cult' status, have successfully carved their niche not merely due to their distinct shape or robust yet adaptable style, but essentially their exceptional quality that is unrivaled and worthy of appraise.

      It's worth noting that the real differentiator for Carbotti lies in its profound connection to its roots. The brand was introduced to the world in the glorious 1950's, in the quaint Apulian village of Martina Franca. Renowned for its austere white-washed houses and an unyielding respect for manual labor, the community ethos of this petite hamlet significantly reflects in the brand’s ethos and handbag crafts.

      One can easily infer that the unique symbiosis between Carbotti and its territorial charm is essentially due to the fruitful relationships formed with local leather suppliers. It's a mutual provider-customer bond that extends far beyond a business tie, culminating into a tradition that's steeped in mutual respect and shared celebration of craftsmanship.

      Even today, Carbotti prioritizes and preserves the time-honored tradition of manually crafting each piece. Every single handbag embodies the fine blend of an artist’s creative imagination and the meticulous execution of a craftsman, producing a product that unites beauty and functionality in one simplicity embodied package.

      This commitment to quality and craftsmanship undeniably testifies the unique place and elevated stature of Carbotti in terms of its core product - premium handbags. Handcrafted with love, time, and a lot of attention to detail, Carbotti handbags aren't just a style statement but are a symbol of boriquen craftsmanship carrying forward a legacy of tradition and quality that resonates with ever style-conscious woman.

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