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Claudio Civitico


      Fashion: The Ultimate Canvas of Self-Expression

      Step into our world, a luminous standard in the luxury handbag domain featuring totes, crossbodies, purses, clutches, backpacks, and special occasion bags. Our fervor for presenting unparalleled elegance is equaled only by our passion for employing top-tier materials and highlighting remarkable artisanship.

      Claudio Civitico's designs epitomize perfection, drawing upon the choicest leathers and materials sourced solely from Italy. The hallmark of our brand lies in its minimalist contours, vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and superior quality, all meticulously fashioned by adept craftsmen.

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      At Claudio Civitico, we take immense pride in celebrating the art of fashion - a perfect paradigm of individual expression mirrored through our exquisite designs and the use of finest, carefully selected leathers and materials, sourced directly from Italy. Our brand's distinct identity is rendered by its signature clean lines, spectrum of vivid hues, precision in delicate designs, and choice of premium quality materials.

      The heart and soul of our brand is embedded in the artistry of our highly skilled artisans, whose passion and dedication to craftsmanship is undeniable. Adhering to our "Made in Italy" heritage, Claudio Civitico has not only earned recognition as a fashion ambassador, but has also earned accolades for manifesting the sublime excellence of Italian craftsmanship in every creation. Our designs are aimed at serving both the aspects of functionality and sophistication, rendering an exquisite balance desired in a perfect fashion accessory.

      Our exclusive collection is the embodiment of an understanding and interpretation of the modern, classy woman. Each product in our line adds an empowering touch to her persona while maintaining a sense of sophisticated discretion. Each product is handcrafted in Italy, reflecting an unrivalled level of dedication and meticulousness. Each masterpiece, as we believe our products to be, is a tribute to the Italian philosophical elegance and sophistication, a legacy that the country has upheld for over 2000 years.

      Claudio Civitico is headquartered in the pulsating heart of Milan. Here, in our state-of-the-art studio and atelier department, every graceful design is conceived and brought to life, basking in the glory of the distinguished "Made in Italy" honor. Our craftsman masters, some with decades of experience, safeguard our legacy in every stitch, every contour of our designs.

      In the realm of Claudio Civitico, the 100% "Made in Italy" certification is not just a symbol of exceptional quality and status, but it is, in essence, a testament to our identity as a manufacturer. Our manufacturing process had to meet a series of rigorous checks and assessments by the ITPI (Istituto per la Tutela dei Produtti Italiani) before being granted with this certification. This only ascertains that each and every production phase takes place in Italy, ensuring that the product you hold in your hands is a true reflection of Italian elegance and sophistication.

      Our main product line - the luxury bags, is a perfect epitome of the brand Claudio Civitico. It exemplifies our commitment to quality, design, and the true essence of "Made in Italy". Each bag is a perfect amalgamation of style and functionality, created to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of the modern woman. Each bag is a journey into the heart of Italian craftsmanship, reflecting the timeless elegance that’s synonymous with our brand.

      With Claudio Civitico, you don't just own a bag, you own a piece of Italy’s rich and timeless legacy. A product that evokes a sense of style, elegance, and empowerment that is undeniably and exclusively, Claudio Civitico.

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