Emmy Boo

      Emmy Boo is synonymous with playful sophistication. This brand brings a sense of whimsy to Italian fashion, offering a vibrant collection of clothing and accessories that embrace color, patterns, and a spirit of youthful exuberance.

      A refined sense of style and design emanates from Emmy Boo

      Claudia Antichi, the visionary behind Emmy Boo, was inspired by her multifaceted upbringing in Catania, which is a place of paradoxes, simultaneously calm, yet dynamically bustling. Her architectural background and profound love for art serve as the foundation for the Emmy Boo brand, transforming it into an expressive platform where shared experiences and deep emotions take the shape of exquisite fashion pieces.

      Drawing spiritual strength from the luminous hues of the Aeolian Islands and the sophisticated elegance native to Sicily, Emmy Boo designs come to life as an exquisite visual symphony. The brand thrives on the exquisite synergy of minimalist luxury juxtaposed with vibrant colors and lively detailing. Its offerings are a love letter to fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the simplicity and versatility of design, wrapped in the richness of color and intricate craftwork.

      The Heart of Emmy Boo: Leather Goods

      The heart and soul of Emmy Boo lie in its unmatched expertise in creating premium Leather Goods. These minimalist objects take you on a journey by capturing the essence of the brand's unique design philosophy. Their aesthetic is devoid of heavy patterns, thereby providing the flexibility to be accompanied with any outfit, without the fear of being overtly simplistic. Each piece crafted by Emmy Boo channels an experience, making it not just an accessory but a delicate artifact that holds immense value beyond its material.

      The quality is remarkable, and the concept of the items extends beyond the tangible. These products embody value that transcends the physical world, creating an everlasting bond with their owners.

      The Emmy Boo Way: Responsible and Local Sourcing

      Emmy Boo is a brand that takes pride in leading by example. It strongly believes in supporting local artisans and procuring materials from responsible suppliers, a value deeply ingrained in its identity. The brand is unwaveringly focused on the artisanal techniques which have elevated Italian tailoring and leather crafts to the epitome of global admiration. Emmy Boo’s collections are a tribute to their dedicated and skilled artisans, under whose watchful eyes, pieces of art are meticulously crafted to perfection. The brand respects tradition, whilst it aspires to create timeless, immaculately executed pieces that define the Emmy Boo aesthetic.

      Emmy Boo, a celebration of responsible luxury, insightful design, and shared experiences, continues to set unmatched standards in the world of high-end fashion.

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