"We have to continue this tradition; artisans are the identity of this great country."

      A longtime player within the world of Italian fashion and couture, Flora Lastraioli was officially founded in 1932 in Florence. However, the brand has been manufacturing luxury handcrafted lingerie and garments long before that. During the 19th century, great-grandmother Amelia became the official embroider to the court of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

      Since then, Flora’s vision has truly flourished and the brand continues to create signature collections as well as handcrafted pieces that celebrate the traditions of old-world tailoring in Italy. The fashion house’s trademark is the application of delicate embroidery to their garments.

      Keeping it in the family, Matteo Pecchioli—great-great-grandson of Amelia—now leads a new chapter for Flora Lastraioli. Perspective has changed, but the identity and craftsmanship passed down through generations of Lastraioli women have not. With passion, innovation, and creativity, the brand has achieved great success and can be found today in department stores all over the world.

      *This artisan is a member of the CNA association in Florence.

      With a storied history rooted deeply in the Italian culture and fashion industry, Flora Lastraioli has emerged as an emblem of elegance and timeless tradition. Established officially in the heart of Florence in 1932, the brand's essence lies in crafting luxury handcrafted lingerie and garments. Yet, the roots of the brand trace back to an era even before its official inception.

      During the glorious epoch of the 19th century, the great-grandmother Amelia of today's lineage was conferred the honor of being the official embroiderer to the aristocratic court of Leopoldo II, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Earning this prestigious title, Amelia laid down the foundations of impeccable craftsmanship and superior quality, a legacy that the brand Flora Lastraioli continues to reveire and uphold.

      Advancing her forebearer's vision with immense ardor and commitment, Flora's efforts have seen the brand proliferate and evolve under her. Today, the brand's signature collections resonate with the nostalgia of old-world Italian tailoring yet blend effortlessly with the aesthetics of contemporary design.

      Uniquely, the brand's distinctive mark is the application of delicate and intricate embroidery on their luxury garments. This attribute is a tribute to their ancestral heritage and an emblem of Flora Lastraioli's enduring commitment to maintaining their tradition.

      In the current era, the family legacy is being further propelled by Amelia's great-great-grandson, Matteo Pecchioli. As the present flag-bearer, Matteo leads a new chapter for Flora Lastraioli. While the perspective may have evolved with time, the indelible identity and high-caliber craftsmanship handed down across generations of Lastraioli women remain unchanged.

      Fervently dedicated to their craft and fueled by the amalgamation of passion, innovation, and creativity, the brand has accomplished enviable success. Today, the creations by Flora Lastraioli can be found gracing the shelves of renowned department stores across the globe, marking a testament to its timeless appeal and widespread acclaim.

      *This artisan is also a proud member of the CNA association in Florence, further solidifying their significance within the Italian fashion fraternity.

      A brand synonymous with elegance, tradition, and superior craftsmanship, Flora Lastraioli continues its march toward the future, leaving a trail of exquisite handcrafted lingerie and garments in its wake. The label invites you to experience luxury and art in their purest forms.

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