From wicker to woven, Pelletteria Ghibli turned the traditional basket of Florentine women into a piece of high-end fashion. From 51 years, the Manzi family, generation after generation, keeps alive hand-woven astonishing tradition and keeps secret the process for hand-woving bags with the tubular method, the most luxury of the woven processes.
         No machinery can replicate such job, only experienced artisans can. It takes 2 days to build the bone of these bag. Peculiar is the absence of stitching, since the woven is one piece built entirely on a wood shape.
      The bags have no lining: the inside is as beautiful as the outside, as the women who wear them.

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      A Glimpse into the World of Ghibli

      Travel back to the year 1968 and you will find the roots of Ghibli, a cherished family-owned brand that has become known globally for its timeless craftsmanship. With a deep-seated love for artisanal creation techniques, Ghibli has successfully adapted the age-old weaving practice of Tuscan farmers into a modern art form, creating beautiful bags designed to stylishly withstand the hustle and bustle of city life.

      The Evolution of Ghibli's Products

      Throughout the decades, the familial love and dedication to their craft have remained a constant aspect of their brand identity. But the iconic materials used to construct their resilient products have progressed from sturdy straw to luxurious and smooth leather, all without compromising their dedication to handcrafted quality. The secret weaving practice remains unchanged even half a century later.

      Unveiling the Ghibli's Craftsmanship

      Creating a Ghibli bag is no ordinary task; it requires a deeply ingrained knowledge of the time-honored tubular method. This luxurious and intricate weaving process is the cornerstone of their creations, enabling the creation of single, flawless leather straps that are of the exact highest standard on both sides. The true artistry and craftsmanship is exhibited not only in the expertly skilled hands of the artisans who carefully thread each strap by hand around an ancient wooden silhouette, but also in the dedication required. It can take their craftspeople up to two full days just to prepare the skeleton of a single bag.

      The Unique Ghibli Design

      What truly sets a Ghibli bag apart from others isn't something that can be seen at a glance, but rather, the lack thereof - specifically, the complete absence of stitches. Each bag is ingeniously woven as a single immaculate piece. This innovative design means that there's no need for lining either, resulting in a bag that is as impeccably crafted on the inside as it is on the outside.

      Proudly Presenting the Ghibli Handbags

      Beauty, functionality, and utmost durability all converge in a Ghibli handbag – the main product line that Ghibli offers. Each expertly crafted handbag echoes the brand's heritage of quality and attention to detail. Above all, each bag embodies the core qualities that Ghibli represents: timeless elegance, skilled workmanship, and pure devotion to preserving a traditional craft for contemporary life.

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