Jerelyn Creado


      Under the creative guidance of its bold and dynamic founder, Jerelyn Creado®, emerged the eponymous brand JERELYN CREADO—a symbol of passion for fashion, individuality and comfort—in the glorious year of 2018. Possessing a firm belief in the notion that shoes are not a mere accessory but a crucial part of every outfit, Creado has made it her life's work to express an individual's style and personality through her creations.

      Distinguished as a talented Indo-Italian designer, Creado paved the way for her brand following her rich learning experience in Footwear Design and Pattern Making, acquired in the fashion capital, Milan. Upon acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, she then proceeded to bring her dream to life—establishing a brand that creates shoes that strike the perfect balance between timeless classic and modern innovative designs.

      For both women and men, JERELYN CREADO's shoes become an extension of their personality, apt for every mood, every occasion. Each pair is designed to make the wearer feel their absolute best, promoting comfort and style hand in hand.

      What makes JERELYN CREADO stand out is the unparalleled attention given to each piece produced. Every shoe bearing the JERELYN CREADO label is crafted in Italy, moulded into perfection by the experienced hands of artisan craftsmen. The shoes are not mass-produced, but uniquely handmade, each painstakingly designed to ensure exclusivity and supreme quality.

      Every JERELYN CREADO creation sees the light of day in the hands of small- and medium-sized Italian artisans. This conscious choice reflects the brand’s dedication to support and keep alive the values, skills and expertise that these artisans bring to the brand’s craft. It is an exercise in sustainable production that further enhances the authenticity and credibility of the brand.

      All the shoe designs are conceptualised and completed with the finest materials sourced from tanneries audited and approved by the Leather Working Group (LWG)—a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. Each shoe model encapsulates unbridled passion, commendable artisanal skills and luxurious materials, in such a manner that guarantees a product that is a delight for its wearer.

      To sum up, JERELYN CREADO offers more than just shoes. It offers an experience that blends comfort, style, and crafting tradition into a product that confidently expresses individuality. Every pair is a testament to the brand's devotion to craft, quality and sustainability, enhancing the overall shoe wearing experience for men and women alike.

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