Founded in 2013, Josefinas is a fashion brand aiming to highlight the excellence of Portuguese craftsmanship, creating elegant, high-quality bags and shoes, including the signature ballerina flats, designed for women to wear confidently and with style, feeling empowered while being comfortable.

      The brand is named after one of the founder's grandmother, Josefina, who used to take her granddaughter to ballet classes and showed her women can do anything. It is only natural that their signature ballet flats are the core of Josefinas’ line, designed to perfectly adapt to your feet for maximum wearability.

      Handcrafted by master shoemakers with the finest leathers, fabrics, and selected materials, every single piece created by the brand is of exceptional quality — original models 100% made in Portugal, with elegant designs for modern women.

      About Josefinas

      Josefinas is truly special. It tells a story of a small Portuguese girl called Josefinas, adorned with her ballet shoes, holding the hand of her beloved grandmother every week as she embarked on her journey to her dance classes. This poignant image beautifully encapsulates the deeper meaning behind the brand 'Josefinas' - a tribute to the enchanting interplay between tradition, family love, artistic finesse, and cherishing the simplest joy life can offer.

      Fast forward a few years, the little girl has grown up, never forgetting her roots, and with her love for native craftsmanship still ablaze, she established Josefinas. The attempts to celebrate and uphold the local savoir-faire, an expression of expert traditional artisan skills, came to fruition beautifully in the form of the brand.

      The Quintessence of Josefinas

      The essence of Josefinas, however, is not just about expert craftsmanship. The heart of Josefinas lies in empowerment. Each creation of Josefinas is a narrative of feminine determination and power, blending seamlessly with an aesthetic appeal which breathes simplicity accompanied by meticulous attention to detail.

      Celebrating Artisan Craftsmanship with Feminine Shoes and Bags

      At the heart of the Josefinas brand lies the offer of splendidly crafted feminine shoes and bags. Each product is a result of the extraordinary talent and skill of local artisans, who pour their heart and soul into crafting each piece by hand. The design of each shoe and bag is neat and simple, yet exudes a unique charm brought to life by an array of delicate, artisanal details.

      The creations are more than just products; they are miniature pieces of art that embody love, effort, time, and immense dedication. Each intricate piece whispers tales of the magical hands that crafted it. They symbolize an intimate bond between the craftsperson and the end user, traversing the realm of mere commercial transactions.

      No wonder, Josefinas products are no less than magic to whoever lays their eyes, and hands, on them!

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