Le Parmentier Paris

Le Parmentier Paris



      Nestled here are select leather workshops, upheld by the age-old expertise of local craftsmen,

      serving as the primary production hub for those beloved luxury staples of French & Italian heritage.

      Emerging from these very workshops and under the brilliance of a Parisian designer — once the creative force behind an iconic fashion brand for eight years and choosing to remain anonymous — LeParmentier Paris came to life in 2016.

      Le Parmentier is a brand that paints a beautiful fusion of timeless aesthetics, superior quality, and extraordinary craftsmanship, effortlessly projecting an image of splendid elegance and opulence. The influences of Paris and Florence are deeply ingrained in every aspect of their design process, making each creation a sheer masterpiece.

      The Parisian influence is predominately reflected in the visual composition of their collection. Every singular piece from Le Parmentier is gorgeously geometric in design, delicately accessorized and crafted with extreme attention to detail. These factors combine to create an undeniably appealing and enticing visual appeal that is synonymous with the brand's identity.

      The Florentine element brings to the forefront the brand's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Rendered utilizing the world's finest leather sourced exclusively for the brand, the handbags are crafted in the most renowned and respected factories in Florence. Every bag is meticulously crafted, with each stitch evidencing the commitment to quality that Le Parmentier embodies. This ensures that every product from Le Parmentier is truly coveted and unique, guaranteeing that it stands as a one-of-a-kind item.

      The elegant designs of Le Parmentier's handbags make them a quintessential accessory that can elevate any look, no matter the season. The brand's reputation and fast-growing popularity have seen them quickly become a favorite among the fashion world’s brightest stars, further enhancing their standing in the fashion world.

      Le Parmentier is guided by a revolutionary philosophy that allows their impeccable quality and world-class craftsmanship to do all the talking. They are indeed the secret being whispered in fashion circles, and the proof is in their products - handbags that embody eternal elegance and grace. As trends come and go, one thing remains certain - true style is timeless. And with Le Parmentier handbags, timeless style is exactly what is delivered.

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