Marco Masi

Marco Masi


      A deep knowledge of the product, inherited from the Masi family, who have always been leather craftsmen since 1987, and continuous research focused on the best leathers and materials, have given life to a product that is unique in terms of quality, design and style.

      Clean lines and top quality materials, without sacrificing the comfort of the object, are ideal for a woman who desires elegance and class in everyday life.

      Since its first collection in 2010, the brand has been widely distributed, especially abroad, thanks to its Made in Italy certification, its unique lines, its designs and its Made in Italy leathers.

      You can find the Marco Masi brand in some of the most luxurious boutiques in the world and also in department stores on the Asian market, which particularly love the brand's sophisticated style.

      Marco Masi's tote bags are meticulously crafted in the heart of Italy, embodying the brand's commitment to achieving perfection in every stitch. These bags are remarkably designed with the utmost attention to comfort and versatility, offering a perfect blend of function and high-end fashion. Since their inception, Marco Masi’s tote bags have garnered significant attention for the brand as a testament to the unmistakable Made in Italy value - an amalgamation of innovative design and superior craftsmanship.

      The design of these tote bags might appear minimalistic at first glance but unravelling the artistry involved unravels the brand's intricate attention to detail and dedication to quality. The individual personality of each tote bag is what truly sets Marco Masi apart, with unique features ensuring no two bags are the same. The brand achieves this distinctiveness through their sophisticated selection of materials and their refined craftsmanship.

      Marco Masi freely works with a diversified material palette extending from classic, durable leather to cozy, plush shearling and intricate, woven raffia. This creative liberty coupled with a keen eye for color and texture experimentation culminates into a collection of tote bags that are as fashionable as they are functional.

      Despite being only a decade old, Marco Masi draws vital inspiration from a rich lineage of family experience spanning over three decades in the leather industry. This solid foundation in traditional leatherworking techniques enables the brand to integrate time-proven techniques with forward-thinking design, creating tote bags that are both timeless and contemporary.

      In the arena of high-quality tote bags, Marco Masi is the name that symbolizes luxury, comfort, and durability. These bags are a testament to the brand's dedication to maintain the pristine quality of their main product, focusing on marrying Italian traditions with modern styles to produce exquisite artistry encased in utility.

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