Parise bags are designed and crafted by the finest artisans in a quaint workshop located between Venice and the Dolomites in Italy.

      The Parise collections honor the brand's identity and craftsmanship. Featuring classic shapes and shades, cleverly designed forms, and exquisite weaving, the collections are unified and alluring, appealing to women who value quality and design and refuse to follow mass-market trends.


      At the heart of the esteemed brand Parise, lies its renowned woven bags. More than just a product, these bags encapsulate an auditory experience, a melodious symphony referred to as the Italian beat. This rhythmic resonance tells a story of rich history, echoing across the centuries from a small, traditional Venetian laboratory.

      The rhythmic pulsation originates from the concerted dance between an artisan's hands and an ancient treadle loom, a testament to the time-honoured artistry of the brand. First created in 1789, this loom once stood as the birthplace of luxurious tapestries, before making way for the innovative use of leather strings.

      The intricate weaving process serves as the heartbeat of Parise’s brand ethos. It is meticulously executed by skilled artisans, who breathe life into each bag through a signature leather tape of 0.9 cm. This distinctive element gives each Parise woven bag its unique character, making it easily recognizable among a sea of conformity.

      However, the appeal of Parise’s woven bags extends beyond their exclusive aesthetic. Each bag is crafted with a careful consideration of volume, resulting in creations that are as functional as they are stylish. Though the shapes remain firm and beautifully structured, the bags feature a pleasantly soft and welcoming character that seamlessly accommodates every need of their owner.

      Rounding out the brand's timeless appeal is its refined collection of colors, carefully curated to transcend seasons and trends. Whether it’s the deep hues reminiscent of romantic Venetian nights or the vibrant tones that capture the vivacious Italian spirit, Parise’s woven bags offer an enduring style that is effortlessly chic and eternally appealing.

      The main product of the brand, these exquisitely woven bags, stand as a testament to Parise's unwavering commitment to traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, where every stitch weaves a strand of their unique identity.

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