Since 1945 Ratti has based its history on values ​​such as style, elegance, and quality.

      Thanks to the company’s eco-technology and creative vision, Ratti has been a longstanding leader in the textile industry for decades.

      An example of quality craftsmanship completely made in Italy, each and every product is developed by them in Como: from the creative phase and design all the way to completion and refinement. Boasting a clientele of luxury fashion houses, Ratti also has offices in both New York and Shanghai.

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      Ratti, an Italian brand of high repute and recognition, stands as a beacon in the world of luxurious silk fabric production. Its story begins at the culmination of World War II, when Antonio Ratti conceived the idea of crafting exquisite pieces of silk in Como- a locale renowned for its historical specialism in silk processing. The brand has since flourished, growing into one of Italy's most esteemed and established names in silk fabrication.

      The distinctive Ratti aesthetic manifests itself in the unique prints that adorn each piece of fabric. The creation of these prints is not merely a process, but a form of artistry, involving extensive and careful research both aesthetically and creatively. Each design originates as a painting on paper, a testament to Ratti's commitment to artisan craftsmanship. These hand-painted designs are then transformed into digital form, and subsequently applied meticulously to the fabric, resulting in vibrant and stunning pieces of silk.

      Ratti, while deeply entrenched in traditional silk-manufacturing techniques, is a forward-thinking brand. It places a strong emphasis on progress and innovation, particularly in ethical production. The brand is conscientious about its environmental footprint, choosing to incorporate eco-technologies that promote waste reduction, recycling, and resource optimization. This sets Ratti apart as a brand that celebrates the old while embracing the new.

      Every silk piece crafted under the Ratti name is wholly and lovingly made in their Como base. The journey of each silk item, from the initial phases of creativity and design through to its final completion and refinement, happens under their very roofs. Resulting in silk fabrics that transcend expectation, striking an immaculate balance between innovative design and the silky smooth texture that the brand is renowned for. The fabrics bring an explosion of color into any setting, lifting moods instantly with their radiant charm.

      In the realm of silk fabrics, Ratti stands second to none. Synonymous with high quality, tradition, innovation, and beauty, their silk products are the embodiment of the brand's commitment to superior craftsmanship and its enduring respect for the art of silk-making.

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