Victoire Studio Paris

Victoire Studio Paris


      First designed in their workshop located in the Marais in France, their jewelry then comes to life in the hands of their welder and then their gilder to join their workshop for the final assembly.

      The poetry of flowers and nature are the main source of inspiration for Maison Victoire. A bit daring, romantic and sensual, the brand's muse assumes her femininity and exudes Parisian elegance. A clever mix of modernity and traditional Parisian know-how, their range of high-end bohemian jewelery places women and flowers at the center of its universe.

      All their pieces are plated in 24 carat 3 micron gold. Made in Paris then controlled by their quality department in their Parisian workshop, the jewelry is a testament to French luxury and elegance.

      Victoire Studio Paris, a brand known for its exquisite appeal to femininity, rings true to its roots with its artfully curated collection of timeless jewelry pieces. Each one crafted meticulously, holding a story of its own - a story born in their workshop nestled in the historic Marais district in France. The intricate journey of their exquisite creations begins in this artist's nook, as each piece commences its transformation from raw materials to a symbol of refined elegance.

      Skilled artisans, each performing their own integral role in the process, rigorously work to give each jewelry piece its distinct character. The brand's dedicated welder breathes life into their raw materials, while their trusted gilder aids in the process, adding a layer of flawless gold detailing. Each piece then comes home to the Marais workshop for final assembly, transitioning from an artisan's vision to a concrete reality.

      Victoire Studio Paris finds its muse in the beautiful simplicity and vividness of nature and flowers, with a touch of the daring and romantic. This combination gives each piece a unique whimsical ability to transcend time. Thus, the poetry of flowers and nature is skillfully translated into a tangible symbol of femininity and Parisian elegance that adorns the wearer.

      Walking a tight line between modernity and traditional Parisian charm, their collection of high-end bohemian jewelry is a delicate blend of old-world allure and contemporary sensibilities. Predominantly working with gold, they present a divine array of items, all plated in 24-carat, 3-micron gold, a testament to the brand's meticulous attention to detail and consistent quest for perfection.

      Victoire Studio Paris of France, is synonymous with French luxury and elegance, its timeless collection of jewelry, showcases Parisian know-how, luxurious materials, and artisanal craftsmanship. Each of their iconic pieces, controlled and approved by their in-house quality department, holds high standards of excellence and practices. Wearing a piece from Victoire Studio Paris is not just about embellishing oneself, but also involves wearing a piece of Paris, wherever one may be.

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