A close look at Boldrini Selleria handbags: Opera and Beyond


BOLDRINI SELLERIA OPERA bag in brown color

My first meeting with  Boldrini Selleria was several years ago, and I was always amazed at how they could maintain a reasonable price for their products of perfect quality and unique design. There are numerous well-known luxury bag brands whose prices are rapidly rising, and it is unclear why Boldrini Selleria, which uses the same leather as famous brands and manufactures its products in the same factories, maintains its price stability. The answer is simple: this company's top priority is to produce high-quality, luxurious bags at an affordable price. The desire to keep their traditions, quality, and design while remaining identifiable! What will you get if you buy one of the Boldrini Selleria bags? First and foremost, individuality, prestige, and uniqueness. It will give you confidence and persuade you of its necessity due to its excellent handmade quality, lack of flashy labels, and lack of pathos. A one-of-a-kind bag will make you one-of-a-kind as well! It is effective! Boldrini Selleria bags are made entirely of leather, and each detail is meticulously examined. They are handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans in factories that adhere to environmental and labor regulations. Quality is always guaranteed for every bag, from the materials and craftsmanship to the stitching and fittings. The Boldrini Selleria bag is definitely worth the price!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


This was my third bag from Boldrini Selleria, which I purchased a few months ago. Six months ago, I purchased the two previous ones at a three-month interval and realized that this is my style. The first was a small FIAMMETTA crossbody bag in deep blue, and the second was CAMILLA, a medium-sized classic bag in natural brown. What's really great is that I use them all the time, but they appear to have been purchased just yesterday. Perhaps someone will ask why you need a third bag of the same brand when there are so many other options? I'll explain. Because the shipment came from Italy and the bag was custom-made especially for me, I had to wait about two months. Yes, this is not a Birkin bag, but I felt important because the product was made specifically for me! The feeling is fantastic!                                                                                                                                                                


Time flew by, and I finally received the package. My Opera bag came in a very nice box with a soft dust bag. The bag was well-protected and arrived undamaged. The shoulder strap and tag have been wrapped separately and are included.



So, this is an OPERA bag, made from Florentine leather Vachetta and resembling an armadillo.

Open BOLDRINI SELLERIA OPERA bag, lining and sewn-on leather label visible inside

Each OPERA handbag is truly unique, it's the the pinnacle of Italian excellence and elegance. It is composed of numerous individual pieces that are expertly assembled into a single functional item for everyday use. Let us examine it from the outside and inside to see how the master was able to create such a one-of-a-kind item. When we look at the bag, we see genuine handmade Tuscan craftsmanship, a pleasant, soft, and glossy appearance that develops a beautiful vintage finish over time and only improves. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; there is nothing else like it. Elegant finish, carefully processed seams, stylish stitching with silk threads that look very advantageous and noble in contrast to the color of the skin.

All of the details appear to be assembled into a "button" in the center, which resembles a raisin on a cake; there is also an adjustable shoulder strap. Pay close attention to the metal details in noble gold, which are used on all Boldrini Selleria models. This choice makes the bag stand out, making it elegant. It measures 8.7 inches in diameter and weighs only 1.1 pounds. This model was ordered in brown, but it is also available in black, white, and caramel. The size is proportionate to my body and appears miniature. I have no doubt that I will wear it all year.



You're probably wondering how to open the bag because the lock is carefully

BOLDRINI SELLERIA leather logo inside the Opera bag is sewn on the lining

concealed. Everything perfect is straightforward. If you look carefully, you will find it and be surprised at how easily it can be opened, despite the lock's dependability. Everything has been meticulously planned. We open the "accordion" partially and... we enter another world! It's amazing how spacious this small, at first glance, handbag is. Depth 3.6 inches, soft and comfortable lining, beautiful internal stitching, several pockets for important items, recognizable Boldrini Selleria logo - everything is done with exceptional quality and good energy. I can't believe it's made by hand. But it's true! The most intriguing aspect is that it can be worn with any item in my wardrobe and in any season!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

BAG DISIGN AND QUALITY                     

      Normally, I prefer bags with silver hardware, but in this case, everything is different. I discovered a new aesthetic combination of gold and leather in Boldrini Selleria bags that you should check out. Gold hardware highlights every detail of the bag, from the adjustable shoulder strap to the bag's multiple details, whether in white, black, caramel, or brown. The "Accordion" is easily opened by pressing the graceful gold lock, allowing the owner to make use of the ample interior space.

Exterior: glossy leather, interior: soft suede in the bag's color.

A dangling keychain with a pocket hangs from the strap, and the golden Boldrini Selleria logo peeks out favorably.Placing your phone, wallet, sunglasses case, keys, lip gloss, travel sunscreen, and other items is simple.

silk large stitches on a BOLDRINI SELLERIA OPERA brown bag close up

The OPERA bag is an item of outstanding quality.

 It is critical to me that the item be distinguished by its uniqueness and, of course, quality. My bag's uniqueness makes me feel unique. There are no flashy details, just a simple design with minimal branding. The material quality, the perfect stitching, the color combination, the design details - everything speaks of a timeless and usable item.       


PRICES  FOR BOLDRINI  SELLERIA BAGS                                     

        Prices range from $220 to $550, depending on size, design, and use of opulent materials. When the manufacturer offers attractive discounts, the purchase becomes more appealing. I was able to take advantage of the unique opportunity to buy my OPERA  bag at a 10% discount and it cost me only $450. Believe me, it's worth it !                                                                                                                                                         


I'd like to point out that my first Fiametta, a small, deep blue crossbody bag, looks even better than new today. I like how the small abrasions near the clasp make it look alive and vibrant. Brown Kamilla, my second favorite, hasn't changed at all, and her classic style allows her to be timeless. And that's just fine with me.

What are my thoughts? I truly discovered a genuine Italian stuff that, by all criteria, is not inferior to the most well-known companies. The quality, color, design, and classic style of Boldrini Selleria bags appeal to me. Even the two-month wait for my order had a pleasant and slightly exciting effect. I felt confident that this item had been created specifically for me, and when our meeting took place, everything, beginning with the packaging and my not the first bag, did not disappoint me. Opera, in brown with gold hardware, looked elegant, and I received numerous compliments! It is so different in style, quality, and price from other bags that when I wear it, everyone notices. Finally, I found something I really like, and if you're still looking, I strongly suggest Boldrini Selleria. This will also distinguish you.