BOLDRINI SELLERIA- perfection and elegance

This is what BOLDRINI SELLERIA says today, a reality that has been producing handmade bags for over sixty years.  Small, tasty, Italian miracles.
A girl in white dress with a BOLDRINI SELLERIA brown bag in her hands in front of her      Craftsman means not only passion and competence, but above all quality and customer relationships.  Each product is designed and created together with the customer, there are no stocks, and the desired models can be made to order using colors and leather.
      Artisan (and above all Boldrini Selleria) stand for quality, kindness and affordability.

      History of the brand Boldrini Selleria

      As is often the case in Italy and Made in Italy, this is the story of a family:
     Boldrini Selleria was founded in Tuscany in 1955 when Scandiano Boldrini opened a small bag workshop in the small town of Chiesina Uzzanese, where the smell of leather from nearby tanneries still lingers in the air.
     Scandiano, with its team of experienced craftsmen, knows how to put its stamp on any bag, creating products of outstanding quality and value.
     A passion for excellence that has been passed down from generation to generation, and Luca is firmly obsessed with the passion for business and craftsmanship, just like his father.
     A small, family run Tuscan store that has grown into a world class brand synonymous with craftsmanship, leather and superior quality.  Each bag is unique, as are those who wear it!
      "We love doing this job and we want everyone to understand true quality."

      Boldrini Selleria bags are Italian craftsmanship and art.

      Your bag is made with love
      The great thing about this brand is that you can partner with them to create your own bag.  Everyone can realize their own style, their hobbies under the experienced and kind guidance of the master. An ingenious way not to follow trends that do not belong to us: we are in Italy and we do not need it.
      “We follow the common Italian tradition with unreserved passion: leather goods are a unique heritage of our country.”

      Bags Boldrini Selleria

      Everything about their bags speaks of perfection: the selection of the finest leather, the quality ofBOLDRINI SELLERIA white small handbag in a female hand workmanship, the finishes and accessories.
      My favorite is the Opera, an armadillo-shaped bag with an unusual look that transforms the bag itself and its usability.  Fine leather work, every detail is made with extraordinary precision and beauty.
      Other lines deserve attention, first of all Operetta, more than just a bag.  An eclectic shoulder bag.  Operetta is the "mother bag", a line that unites all bags, a collection with a concise and simple design, with important details that make each item unique and special.
      Among the many models, it is impossible not to mention Lirica, a kind of oriental art direction, resistant to everyday use.  Edra is a pearl of luxury for the most sophisticated gourmets.  A true bespoke item made from high quality leather.  Each Boldrini Selleria bag is unique, embodying Italian excellence and elegance.