Italy is a fantastic country that excels in manufacturing, architecture, and art. However, when twoA sky-blue leather Carbotti handbag - right upper part only visible Italian perfections come together and collaborate, a person finds himself on the Olympus of taste and refinement.
I'll tell you about another wonderful collaboration: Carbotti's artisan leather goods and Coquillete Paris' high perfumery. Eau de Pochette - the finished product! Flavored, sensory, and inclusive bags that transform into a one-of-a-kind experience for us mere mortals.

Made in Italy leather goods and perfumes

In the hands of these two experienced Italian artists, the art of know-how and tradition becomes a unique product of priceless value, celebrating the joy of life and sublime elegance.  Eau de Pochette, P.eau pour la vie et la résilience is more than a capsule collection, a line of limited-edition bags, or a collaboration between two brands.
"We wanted to make an even more handcrafted bag that could hold a special olfactory imprint!"
Gianni Carbotti's

Project Eau de Pochette Made in Italy

Leather goods and perfumery in a single bag
Eau de Pochette is a blend of "head and heart notes" that celebrate rebirth and reboot, and is a creative response to one of the pandemic's most unwelcome side effects: anosmia.They are a symbol of reconquista for those who have regained their sense of smell, as well as a special gift for those who have never lost it and wish to trace their own values and spatial coordinates. Bags are no longer just (pricey) accessories; they have evolved into a pagan ritual of purification and attraction, a site of unprecedented olfactory connections, and an instrument of power for previously unimaginable conquests.
Let's take a closer look at the major Eau de Pochette players. Carbotti's history reeks of tradition, craftsmanship, hard work, and ingenuity. Domenico Carbotti, who is only ten years old at the time, joins the workshop in Martina Franca, Taranto, in 1944. shops, as well as a banquet at his parents' home. He begins with small leather goods, receives his first orders, and is awarded a silver medal at the Ionian Artisan Exhibition.   Thus, this young artisan's professional life is a continuous crescendo of great personal satisfaction, the arrival of his children in the company, and the conquest of international markets.
A young well-dressed lady sitting on a bench and holding in her right hand a light grey smaller size Carbotti handbag with a gold colored buckle    Carbotti bags are handcrafted artisanal masterpieces made from the highest quality leather. The main collection is distinguished by an octagonal symbol containing the initials of the founder, Domenico Carbotti, as well as all love for the feminine spirit and vitality. Furthermore, Carbotti believes in sustainability and is constantly concerned with people and the environment.
"A product that combines aesthetics and uniqueness, acting on our deepest emotions through the sense of smell."
   Rosa Vaya

   Perfumes and leather goods together in Eau de Pochette

   Coquillete Paris was born out of the love of perfumery and the experience of Rosa Vaii, born in 1979, one of the most famous and respected carriers on the world scene of artistic or designer perfumery.  After graduating with a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the Oriental University of Naples, Rosa follows her passion and indulges her natural gift: the sense of smell of perfumery.
   She moved to Paris and started creating fragrances for various fashion brands with her friend. In the fall of 2012, Coquillete Paris, their niche brand, was born, and after the first Herat fragrance, they decided to give life to their own line.  Rosa moves to Italy and becomes a manufacturer of Made in Italy fragrances.  Success is instant   The brand is an example of a brilliant combination of French elegance and Italian know-how.  A talented Haute Parfumerie concept that sees its strength in excellence and the choice of high quality raw materials.  Today, Rosa Vaia is the sole owner of the company, always looking for new ideas to create unique, enchanting and sophisticated fragrances.

   Here are the Eau de Pochette bags

 Eau de Pochette bags from the main Carbotti collection, Elena 243, Greta 245, Licia 241, are marked with an octagonal symbol. They are Sulmona, Tudor and Vesevius, three extrait de parfum by Coquillete Paris with three well-defined olfactory identities.  
  Inside the Eau de Pochette there is a pocket pre-treated with one of the fragrances that holds 10 ml of Travel Size perfume.  Each fragrance matches the model, but you can always "customize" the product by choosing a bag (model and size) and one of the three fragrances to match.